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Logos gone terribly wrong

ShareKudawara – What kind of pharmacy is this? Arlington Pediatric Center – Loving the kids a little too much doughboys – pizza – salad – panini … and something extra? Atherton Car Centre Dental clinic Another dental clinic – This seems to be popular Any idea what this is supposed to be? Instituto de Estudos […]

Teen Movies Covers Cliche

ShareIdiot’s guide to designing teen movies covers in 3 easy steps: 1. Get a picture of a woman’s spread legs (must wear skirt or underwear). The longer the legs are, the better. 2. Get a picture of the main characters (preferably with a stupid smile, looking up). At least 2 guys recommended. 3. Overlay the […]

The New IKEA Car


Great Guerilla Advertising (Part 2)

ShareFollow-up of the “Great Guerilla Advertising” article on funnymos. Simple and yet brilliant guerilla ads that guarantee a buzz. With a good idea, you don’t need a big budget to make yourself known or promote your brand. All you can eat motorway rest stop at the entrance in a tunnel Axe was always good with […]

Merry Christmas!


Romanian Gypsy Village

ShareWelcome to the Buzescu village, located not far from Bucharest, Romania. Gypsies have built here a true tasteless mini-Beverly Hills. As you’re driving down the main street you don’t know on which side to look first. Words are useless, let’s let the pictures talk. Pictures via

Food Fight Festivals

ShareFood fight festivals around the world: Annual tomato fight in Colombia: La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain: The Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, Italy: More weird festivals at

Great Guerrilla Advertising

ShareGuerrilla Advertising is an unconventional way of performing promotional activities. Usually very funny or subtle, it’s a great way to promote a business with a low budget and generate buzz. But you’ll need lots of creativity. Here are some great guerrilla ads examples. They are simply brilliant. Vacuum cleaner ad: Beer guerrilla in a bus: […]

Random Doggie Generator

ShareThe Random Puppy Generator is a website that…. randomly generates pictures of cute doggies for you. You can also upload pictures of your cute dog. Enjoy 🙂

Women Drivers

ShareAs a while ago we had a “Man of the year” contest, let’s even things and have a…. Top 10 women drivers of the year 10th place 9th place 8th place 7th place 6th place 5th place 4th place 3rd place Runner-up … AND THE WINNER IS … Source: funtoosh