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Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

ShareJack Bauer was just put on the naughty list:

Romanian Police In Action


Cats On Catnip

ShareHow catnip gets cats high…

The Sleep Walking Dog

Share Super Bowl 2009 commercial


Christmas Mac Vs PC

ShareHilarious twists for the holidays season – Mac vs PC via

Snowkiting gone wrong

ShareSnowkiting is an outdoor winter boardsport, combining similar kites and techniques used in kitesurfing, with the footwear used in snowboarding or skiing. But what happens when something goes wrong? Let’s see. The fun begins around second number 34. Pretty scary!

Woman living with 130 cats

ShareHow would life be when living with 130 cats? Something like this:

Bunny Letter Opener

ShareHis name is Tex and he’s the most professional letter opener around:


ShareA real commercial from the USA – Poopfreeze