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Dice Wars

Dice Wars is a simplified Risk strategy game in flash. You can play against 1 to 7 computers. It’s fun and very addictive. Enjoy!

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16 Responses to “Dice Wars”

  1. mouse Says:

    TRU TRU TRU…………………………………………………

  2. tom Says:

    fukn sht man

  3. SAm Says:

    Hey Tom hows it

  4. tom Says:

    hey Sam
    dice game is shit

  5. tom Says:

    slow way ov doin it eh

  6. SAm Says:


  7. SAm Says:

    i rekon i so dont get it

  8. tom Says:

    wots the latest

  9. SAm Says:

    Well theres SO much scandal u will prob roll on the floor laughinh ya c

  10. tom Says:

    tel me

  11. SAm Says:

    Tom not on this public fourm

  12. SAm Says:

    k tel me now. im rite beside u

  13. Jerry Says:

    This game is effing awesome!!

  14. liam brown Says:

    this game fukin takes my knickers off ae.fukin love it.

  15. Idol Says:

    nice game. if u dont like to use ur brain – dont try 😉

  16. AJ Says:

    are you women in a bikini.

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