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Escape The Room

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61 Responses to “Escape The Room”

  1. gone crazy Says:

    it says i cheated lol

  2. Brandon Says:

    We started off with 9 companions and 5 of them committed suicide!!
    there were 4 left! And we survived out with 3!

  3. brandon Says:

    after 3 of us survived we need mental theorpy because this game brainwashes you. Long live NIckolas

  4. brandon Says:

    We started out with 9 companions 2 of us fell to the principles office, 1 went crazy with power, 2 ended up being in love and the last one got taken by the dark lord sauron. 3 of us live to tell the story

  5. brandon Says:

    the last 3 of us lived to tell the tale because we realised that it was just a game and got over it

  6. Terry Says:

    Nah! It sucks! it took me only 3 min to finish! damn~!

  7. Benni in cape town (paarl) Says:


  8. nic Says:

    i did it the first time in like 5 min haha… i suck at these games
    but now it takes like 40 seconds

  9. michael Says:

    i beat it in 76 seconds

  10. Alaina Says:

    i used the walk trough but got lost (o.o)

  11. killick Says:

    how do u open the cupbored

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