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Food Fight Festivals

Food fight festivals around the world:

Annual tomato fight in Colombia:

tomato fight

La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain:


The Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, Italy:

orange battles

More weird festivals at

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26 Responses to “Food Fight Festivals”

  1. prakash thapa Says:

    great photos

  2. nelly Says:

    hey thats realy not funny in some part of africa when food is hard to come bye . hope this fest is not real

  3. lune Says:

    they can have a festival of sending the food to poor countries,I think it’s better.

  4. ZANMAN Says:


  5. Vivian Says:

    Get over it it’s just fun! Party poopers!

  6. Orangepelter Says:

    Nelly and Lune, I fully expect that neither one of you have ever wasted food and donate a 3/4 of your daily food portion to those less fortunate than yourselves…right?

    For every croissant you buy at your local bakery, a full garbage bag of them goes into the trash.
    Food gets spilled, thrown away, and wasted for any number of other reasons all over the world, constantly. Container, after container go to waste when no buyer is found, milk goes sour when truckers strike, fish is thrown overboard when there is no quota for it, drinkable water is wasted on baths and swimming pools.

    Point of it is, unless you live in the developing world and are exploited daily by us industrious internet accessing types you can´t say much. So either put up or shut up.

  7. ali Says:

    that looks fun you party poopers i want to come over there and do that

  8. geordy boy Says:

    i agree with ali, it looks cool then wen the fest iz finished send it over t africa in a few tins so either way we have fun and they get food!!!

    arnt i just greaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  9. lauren Says:

    i’m definitely goin ther wen im older.

  10. Madison Says:

    THAT looks awesome and i wanna have fun doing that tomato fight!!

    if u dont like it then tough cus u obviously need 2 get out more. AND if ur tht desperate 2 send some to africa then u might aswell go there bottle it all up and send it there urself!!


  11. Reynoldinio Says:


    Nelly and Lune. U 2 r bloody stupid, is it worth being such little biyatches about it ON THE INTERNET? If ur so adverse to it go over there and MAKE A BLOODY DIFFERENCE!!! But, wait a few years so i can do it!!!

  12. Rihanna Says:

    Wow, people actually have the gull to call the first two childish yet you guys are completely self involved and calling names; how mature is that?!? Yea, that’s what I thought.

    Maybe Reynoldinio, Madison, geordy and the rest of you that acted so gulled and affronted should consider furthering your studies in communication/english language/grammar and spelling.

    And Orangepelter, don’t generalize; not everyone is as wasteful as you or the average bear. Not everyone stops to buy coffee, croissants, etc… Maybe you should actually consider doing research and surveys that provide statistics before spouting useless information. To put it in terms a simpleton could understand, stop talking from your ass!

    You people are so quick to judge others without considering your own hypocrisies; you can’t point fingers when your guilty of the same thing! And learn how to spell!

  13. Lucas Says:

    yeah, and then I hear governments complaining about lack of food in the world and biofuel 😛

  14. The Biggest Food Fight on the Planet | WebEcoist Says:

    […] via: Funny Mos, Ifood, Espacio Blog and […]

  15. mia Says:

    Wow you guys are crazy! All that over a food fight with tomatoes.

  16. Melissa Says:

    I can’t wait to get to Spain – my homecountry!! –
    and participate in La Tomatina.
    It must be so freaking fun, man!!

    Rihanna – Let me shaft you, when you thought you were so cool, ‘kay?
    You can’t say something stupid like:
    “And Orangepelter, don’t generalize; not everyone is as wasteful as you or the average bear. Not everyone stops to buy coffee, croissants, etc…”
    Then what the hell are you people doing, hmm?
    Those croissants, and coffees you don’t buy, let me ask you, where do you think they go?
    To Africa?
    Guess again…

    You’re being less wasteful by buying them. So, please, shut up and think next time before you talk non-sense. Thanks.

  17. Lacey Says:

    Okay, firstly I admit that does look fun. Secondly, yes it is wasteful. I’d like to point out life is a vicious circle so it doesn’t matter what you do and how you do it most of the time, the outcomes are still more or less the same; or leading back to square numero uno. Anyway, I’d definatly go there. Btw, I doubt highly some poor kid in Africa is going to be estatic about 1million tomatoes for the next years of his/her life. I mean you’d get sick of it too if it was you. Also, I’d like to point out Africa is not the only third world country, ignorant tards; just go to some parts of Brazil or perhaps India?

  18. Vianey Says:

    uhmmmmm……. it isnt funny at all…i mean , there are poor kids in like afrika and they starve to death, so this message goes to ya’ll food fight wasters:”GET A LIFE AND STOP KILLING PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY NEED FOOD!!! YOU ARE ALL JACKASESS, THINK OF OTHERS , YOU SELFISH BASTARDS”!!!!!!” although that does look pretty funn, uhmmmmm..i wonder if when i get older…..

  19. Vianey Says:

    btw, is funny how evry one thinks all the poor starvin children live in afrika, NOPE!! they are all over the world, i have one in ma bak yard, JK.JK.JK.LMAO

  20. kate Says:

    its not really a waste in food.these festivals date back to times when the areas they are held in would produce huge quantities of a certain food ie tomatoes.there would be a surplus of food which would go off or damaged food and this would be what was thrown around.its mostly america that wastes food on a world wide scale

  21. esha Says:

    they can have a festival of sending the food to poor countries,I think it’s better.

  22. drake Says:

    Firstly, i would like to say to everyone of you ignorant ass holes that not every starving kid lives in africa. There are hundreds of thounsands of starving kid in america alone. Personaly, I think that you are all idiots for arguing and the fucking INTERNET but i guess when you are so attetion crave that you use any outlet to satisfy or pety needs

  23. marlon Says:

    yeeaa its dumb, but fun.. but people cant live on tomatoes forever.. send some tomotroes away to poor countries and then have your food fight just compost all the tomotoes and not dump them in the ocean

  24. amber Says:

    any one tell me that who pakistani people live there

  25. amber Says:

    any one tell me that how pakistani people live there

  26. bensun Says:

    hey… i want to take part in this……
    i dont mind starving for weeks to save food…..
    no offence people but i think its awesome to have food on me than food in me…
    ill think of the poor later….

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