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22 Responses to “Funny tech support calls”

  1. PCku Says:

    ::)) very funny!!!

  2. Rose Says:

    These were good. LOL

  3. Ashley Says:

    These are some funny jokes! hahaha

  4. Angel Says:

    toooo good… good work

  5. Tabitha Says:

    Wow.. These are incredible. 🙂 I work technical support, and I’ve had a few of these. Thanks for giving me and my colleagues some good laughs!

  6. gagan Says:


  7. chepukha Says:

    Could not stop from laughing even i’m sitting in office :))).
    They’re stuffs that all tech supports meet i guess.
    Thanks a lot to give me big laugh.

  8. Bob Bean Says:

    funny stuff man i dont hate you like i hate the person who wrote 10 Reasons Why Romainians Couldn’t Have Done 9/11. i really hate that guy

  9. afrit25 Says:

    yes they are nice…

  10. mrsmileyface Says:

    Funny ones.

  11. zucchiniAnne Says:

    haha… this one is nice, ive enjoy all!! brilliant! 😉

  12. Flash Says:

    Here’s one to add that i’ve encountered

    Customer= My program won’t install
    Tech= Is there an error message
    Customer=It says to press any key
    Tech= So press any key
    Customer= Thats just it I can’t find the Any Key.

  13. Vianey Says:

    hahahaha flash that was a good one. people who put this just have waaaaayyy to much time on their hands

  14. bean Says:

    some tech support experience:

    customer: my computer is new and its not working
    tech support: why have you said that?
    customer: the instructions said connect all the cables, then after it should be working, ive been sitting here for an hour and still not turning on.
    tech support: have you press the pwer button?
    customer: what is that?is it something i can find inside the box?

    customer: i cant connect to the internet, your customer service said once the line is installed i should not have any problem connecting to the internet.but i cant connect.
    tech support: ok where is your modem located?
    customer: inside the box that you have sent to me

  15. bean Says:

    one more

    customer: i want to send email but there are so many thing on my screen and i cant seem to get my email working.
    tech support: ok Jean kindly close all your windows and let me know once you’re done.
    customer: ok
    customer: ok im done (sounds tired)
    tech support: now what do you see on your screen
    customer: nothing its dark?
    tech support: why have you turn off your computer?
    customer: no, you asked me to close all my windows and now its dark in my room.

  16. Dorry Says:

    Tech: Ok now right click on the desktop…
    (silence for a moment and then:)
    Customer: ok I wrote “click” on my desktop, but nothing happened.

  17. Lungz Says:

    ha this is a real one im working a tech support line right now.

    Customer: I just bought a wireless printer and it’s all hooked up but it wont seem to print.

    Me: Alright sir, and do you currently have a wireless network in your home?

    Customer: No…. What’s a Wireless Network?

    Me: Its a system in your home that allows all your devices to run and interact with each outher wirelessly you need one to use the wireless printer.

    Customer: NO! It says on the box ‘Prints Wirelessly’ If you cant make it do that now I’m going to sue!!!! This is false advertising!

  18. kamehameha Says:


  19. Supakeepa Says:

    Haha I’ve had the same issue with the wireless when I did tech support.

    “It says wireless. What do you mean I need something else. You all are liars!”

  20. Rajesh Says:

    Nice jokes.

  21. Jeff Says:

    This is some Haz-mat gut busting funny stuff.
    Five- Star humor ! I could make a new sign and
    flag from this. Red flag with a smiley face or
    something; LOL

  22. Jane Says:

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