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Indian man marries dog

indian marries dogNEW DELHI – A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death — an act he believes cursed him — a newspaper reported Tuesday.

P. Selvakumar married the sari-draped former stray named Selvi, chosen by family members and then bathed and clothed for the ceremony Sunday at a Hindu temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Hindustan Times newspaper said.

Selvakumar, 33, told the paper he had been suffering since he stoned two dogs to death and hung their bodies from a tree 15 years ago.

“After that my legs and hands got paralyzed and I lost hearing in one ear,” he said in the report.

The paper said an astrologer had told Selvakumar the wedding was the only way he could cure the maladies. It did not say whether his situation had improved.

Source: Yahoo News

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10 Responses to “Indian man marries dog”

  1. belac sreyom Says:

    this guy is fd up

  2. Un Hindú se casa con una Perra : TecnoCulto Says:

    […] Vía: […]

  3. Alejandra Quintero Says:

    Este es un caso bien particular. Creo que pasó de una zoofobia a una zoofilia. Por qué no montaría una casa de albergue para perros de la calle o estudiar veterinaria? Prefirió casarse… Esperemos que le vaya bien. Saludos colombianos desde El Diván Rojo (

  4. nomi Says:

    wat a joke

  5. declan Says:

    wot a joker

  6. Kel Says:

    Well that would have to lead to the worlds most disturbing honeymoon ever!

  7. Andrew Says:

    it works???? i don’t think so.

  8. Jenny Says:

    They shouldve added whether or not the consimated the marriage…

  9. Neomenia Says:

    EEEEEEWWWWWWWW……… That is weird and disgusting. Especially after the wedding. If you catch my drift….. That is sick.

  10. kate Says:

    dude your an idiot and need to get you a real girl.

    and maybe a life while your at it

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