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Logos gone terribly wrong

Kudawara – What kind of pharmacy is this?

Arlington Pediatric Center – Loving the kids a little too much

doughboys – pizza – salad – panini … and something extra?

Atherton Car Centre

Dental clinic

Another dental clinic – This seems to be popular

Any idea what this is supposed to be?

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

Megaflicks – Not the best font for this word

Kids Exchange – As this name didn’t sound weird enough, they decided to write it together

A-Style – Realy classy

Computer Doctors

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

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51 Responses to “Logos gone terribly wrong”

  1. Eliabeth Small Says:

    More of the same

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I don’t get the computer doctors one .. :S

  3. May Says:

    Those logos are epic lol. Rebecca, check out the mouse, look familiar? Lmfao.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Haha, those are classic!

  5. Mike Says:

    Rebecca: The ‘U’ that they tried to make into a computer mouse looks an awful lot like something doesn’t it?

  6. Anthony Says:

    Nice, i’m totally going to search these stores down.

  7. kyndle Says:


  8. Jason allen ellen bogan Says:


  9. alexis Says:

    that kool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Derek Williams Says:

    Does anyone know if these are actually legit? Something like MegaFLICKs seems beyond belief, that no-one picked this up!

  11. Boss Says:

    Seriously funny!!!!

    But I don’t understand the last one. What is wrong with it?

  12. Ron Says:

    Lean back and instead imagine the two people as the sides of a someone’s body… see it now? Took me a second too.

  13. katty Says:


  14. E-TARD Says:

    this is mad funny

  15. israel Says:

    omg these are sik

  16. Will Says:

    lol i didnt realise it was meant to be MegaFlicks

  17. cfody Says:


  18. ya mum Says:

    are u shore these are suitabele for kids lol just kiddin but honestly how do peoples come up with that i mean come one u need more

  19. jennifer Says:

    i loved them they are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao

  20. molly Says:

    This is way to funny. The last one took me a few mins, but i got the point though. It says boys only but one of them looks like a girl instead of a boy. I don’t get whats wrong with the dough boy?

  21. Nick Says:

    Molly, the last one is one of those pictures that can look like two things. Look at the two people as if they are a person’s body. Still doesn’t click? Their heads are the nipples.

  22. Boroughguy Says:

    The Chinese Characters apparently say “multi-functional toilet”. I guess this is supposed to be the sign for “Baby-Changing Facilities”.

  23. matthew cunliffe Says:

    they was funny i was lamaso!!

  24. Natalie Says:


  25. Geri Says:

    OMFG!!!! SOOOO FUNNY!!!!
    It took me a while to realise what was funny about the last one, but it was still soooo funny!!!!! LOL!!!

  26. slow poke Says:

    What does Lamaso stand for ? and Lmfao ?
    Sorry, I’m new at this stuff. But I got all the jokes !

  27. Pakita Says:

    I don’t get the dance one

  28. James Says:

    the junior dance class looks like titties!

  29. koonde khaar Says:

    beche kooni, chera injaa besate keke khori bar paa kardein??

  30. man Says:

    It was nice
    I never go to dentist from now

  31. VAHID Says:

    THAT’S sounds good.

  32. mahsa Says:

    those are very funny and incredible.

  33. Navid Says:

    Guess theye are not wrong, just smart chices from smart people, who like some daily fun in their job !

  34. poke Says:

    funniest logos ever. especially the computer balls. very cool!

  35. poke Says:

    lmfao is ‘laughing my effin ass off’

  36. Jinpo Says:

    so funny!!

  37. LegendXYZ Says:

    Epic pictures!!

  38. Hooman Says:

    All are correct and with excellent design.

  39. toga joashuaa Says:

    these logos jst make my day….guess thats the point behind em being like that

  40. Bob Says:

  41. bryce Says:

    lol they pics were soooooooo Funny lol ROFL I just cant stop LAUGHING hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaaahahahhahahahaahah 00204BB

  42. bryce Says:

    No. 41 BooYAA

  43. guy from finland Says:


  44. Rhyner Says:

    (re: the last pic)

    “Are your nipples black?”

  45. Sarah Farrukh Says:

    oh really bad names………. :(

  46. Domino3 Says:

    that is nutritious

  47. Maggie Hill Says:

    The Kids Exchange is in Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA. We died laughing the first time we saw it.

  48. james Says:

    w0w. nice

  49. Lisa Duran Says:

    I love the one with the A Style sign logo. x) i love it.

  50. PNOY Says:

    but there are hot dentists too right? girl ones.

  51. Courtney Says:

    I love all of these! Lmfao. XD

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