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Lumpy Artist

Test your balancing skills in the Lumpy Artist flash game!

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20 Responses to “Lumpy Artist”

  1. castle Says:

    beat 93 steps mutha fukas

  2. tom m Says:

    99 steps on first try!!!!! beat that!!!!!

  3. david s Says:

    tom m cheats i got 100 lol he crap

  4. tom m Says:

    dave u retard i destroyed u and u know it

  5. zach b Says:

    113 on da 1st try beat dat

  6. jazilicious Says:

    47 steps batchessss!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hillary Duff Says:

    i got 908 steps bet that all u losers

  8. Molly Sprengler Says:

    Burn i got 1,308 steps

  9. poo Says:

    worst. game. ever.

  10. mouse Says:


  11. terri-herefordskewl Says:

    this game anit tht gud aha i keepdyin 😛

  12. uDjo Says:

    i just got 40 step hehe :mrgreen:

  13. bone Says:

    hey whtas this f**ing game about

  14. bone Says:

    how dos dis game work

  15. Hunter Says:

    Hi its Hunter again,
    Thought of this myself lol.
    Bit of a damper on the mood but i realised its all just a little fun ae ?

    CAtch yahz later.

    Hunter 🙂

  16. nic Says:

    the retard who put down 1308 steps is stupid cause the game ends at 1200 steps hahaha

  17. tom Says:

    OMG this game is soooo much fun!!

  18. jesus Says:

    the only thing worse than tightrope walking is moose tightrope walking

  19. BillyBob Says:

    33 Steps!! THIS GAME SUCKS!!

  20. booboo Says:

    i got 1020 so i beat all you!!!!!!!!!

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