1. Seriously?? its a color-blindness test. I can’t see anything in 3, 4, 5, or 6. Why? Because I’m partially color-blind.

  2. Obviously this test is just for fun, but out of curiosity I ran a few experiments on it. Number 1 and 4 seem to be controls, because they can even be read in greyscale. Also number 5 is fake, there’s no number in it even if you invert the colors of the picture.

  3. I see a pair of glorious breasts with the number 69 on #5. WTF is the matter with the rest of you? lol. No latent homosexuality here but maybe a little homophobia!

  4. This joke/test was obviously written by an illiterate moron. “Low than average”? And homosexuality, whether latent or not, is not a mental disorder.

  5. this is bullshit… lol….. nothing but a lame joke to get at people with insecurities… if you any of you think this is real you do need help…. lol..

  6. Ball no.5 has the entire 3rd act of Romeo and Juliet written on it. I did not see any numbers but the naked woman turned me on. Whew! haaaaaaaaaaa

  7. I realize it was just a joke… But I also know I just hopped out of the closet recently … so I found it a little “extra” funny.

  8. i’m not homosexuality but i cant see number in image five

    “Possible latent homosexuality” this test is true

  9. it’s just a propaganda for homosexuality! when I have a latend homosexuality I cann bear homosexuals better:)

  10. omg lol. i do have latent homosexuality feminism. but im not a gay. i dont wanna be a gay. such a funny yet annoying test. fuck

  11. Ha Ha Ha Haaa……. Great Joke… The brain behind this quiz wants all be HOMOs coz he / she is the same….. Any way good JOKE…..

  12. First time I saw this on Tumblr and couldn’t see the number in the 5th circle, I shit my pants and ended up watching lesbian porn for a week straight just to make sure.

    Bob's Second Cousin Twice Removed And Now Lives In Albania
  13. I’m NOT lesbian, but i can’t see number 5.
    But, hell, THAT IS NOT A NUMBER.
    Then, homosexuality is not a mental disease.

  14. Homosexuality is not a fucking mental dis order you cunts

    {I’m not lesbo, but fuck guys c’mon}

    Bella; who thinks the first Bob is cool
  15. It’s just a color blindness test. It’s funny. 5 has shapes but no number. That means anybody passing the color test must be a latent homosexual. Those who see a number in that box must be particularly imaginative, forming coherentness out the incoherent, or they are just fibbing, so as not to be defined as stated. It’s just a joke. Accept it as that. Only the color blind have a reason to be truly offended. This won’t be funny to them. It’s just mean!


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