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A great put-put game that will definitely keep you busy for a few minutes.

Get the lowest possible score on the round.

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41 Responses to “Mini-Put”

  1. alexandra Says:

    just finished it… final score: 69 😛

  2. jo Says:

    final score 44

  3. blooto Says:

    oh! I thought I won, Score 109… hate putting

  4. Funny Guy Says:

    maybe next time 😉

  5. gerrard44 Says:

    hahaha i got 26 😉

  6. whiteman Says:

    i hate this guy above

  7. Sacface Says:

    Top score: 24. No lie, i have yet to see someone beat it

  8. BIGROO Says:


  9. ben Says:

    YEA BABY 19

  10. ben Says:

    is sitting next to me in computer class.. and is short

  11. Michelle Says:

    oh yea kids!!!! my score was 50!!!!! beat that!

  12. janza Says:

    best score ever is 20, hard to do better than that

  13. Me Who Else? Says:

    I got a 2.

  14. Rob Says:

    Ha, I got a 21…you guys are horrible…

  15. Rob Says:

    just got 18…the best you can get…hahahahaha

  16. bob bean Says:


  17. nate Says:


  18. Loony Says:

    Final Score 55!

  19. Joe Thoke Says:

    30, i don’t believe that anyone got a 18….

  20. johny Says:

    yo i got a 42 and i thought i did pretty good

  21. corey Says:

    this game is crap it doesnt even let me get om to it !!!

  22. castle Says:

    got 38 niggas wat up wit that and it is immposible to get 18 rob so u a bitch ass liar nigga

  23. tom m Says:

    i just got 19 so beat that sacface

  24. josh Says:

    shit i get 18 everytime…i had way to much time in business class

  25. josh Says:

    it is possible to get an 18…u have to know where to put the yellow dots

  26. Justin Says:

    I GOT 36 on my game of playing…….it took me like thirty times playing it before though!! But the rest of ya’ll are liars!!!! SO EAT THAT!!!!!!

  27. Hillary Duff Says:

    i got a 75 bet that all u suckers

  28. craphead Says:

    i am awsome this time i got a 1,463 beat that _________!

  29. Challenger2229 Says:

    ugh, I scored a 29 right now…. My record, however, is a 22.

  30. Tweetlde Says:

    Yay 49

  31. meg779 Says:

    final:62,i was doing good till i got to hole 14

  32. Benni in cape town (paarl) Says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT 56 YYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. nic Says:

    First of all it is impossible to get a hole in one on 2 of the holes so a 20 is the best score so Tom your a retard and i got a 24 =(

  34. bignred88 Says:

    lol i just got a 21 feel like i plaied black jack XD

  35. Bob saget Says:

    i just got a 29 so thats a boss man

  36. Bob saget Says:

    im bob saget and shot a 29

  37. Bob saget Says:

    im bob saget and i got a 29

  38. ballsdeep Says:

    Total of 15 SUCK ON THAT!!!!hahhaah

  39. mushroomcloudwarrior Says:

    me getsa a 14… beat that buggers…

    Yeah I rule………

  40. Chuck Norris Says:

    My score is 0.
    The Game knew who’s playing the game.
    Who wants a roundhouse kick!!!

  41. Chuck Norris Says:

    The game Dissapeared you know why.

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