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Pole Fail

Total failure while trying to jump

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11 Responses to “Pole Fail”

  1. rugbymike Says:

    Too Cool.
    Which I was there.

  2. bogdan Says:

    “decided or not” – =))

  3. brittney Says:

    i dont get it

  4. kk Says:

    hi brittney wats up with u

  5. Benni in cape town (paarl) Says:

    kk heres my number: 076 388 95 27, hot, blck 23 male. CALL ME!!!!

  6. jamie Says:

    this is way too funny!!!
    wut an idiot!!!
    haha!! its great thou!!

  7. chase Says:


  8. wood Says:


  9. Mindy Says:

    he stalled out, epic fail and a total slap in the face to his coach. with a move like that he could have broken the pole, luckily though, he jumped. at least he’s smart enough to do that.

  10. Mindy Says:

    didnt quite finish the post, he almost did break the pole with that last part. i wish he had, less pole vaulters that are retarded would be nice.

  11. Pekka Says:

    Still two to go!

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