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Teen Movies Covers Cliche

Idiot’s guide to designing teen movies covers in 3 easy steps:

1. Get a picture of a woman’s spread legs (must wear skirt or underwear). The longer the legs are, the better.

2. Get a picture of the main characters (preferably with a stupid smile, looking up). At least 2 guys recommended.

3. Overlay the previous two pictures (don’t forget to also add the movie title)

Result: Get paid a ridiculous amount of money for creating top notch movie cover designs.

Examples of designs from people that followed this guide:

Kids in America (2005)

kids in america

Pigs (2007)


The New Guy (2002)

the new guy

The Weekend (2007)

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8 Responses to “Teen Movies Covers Cliche”

  1. geordy boy Says:

    i wudnt mind bein between her legs

  2. Benni Says:

    m sure my black andaconda wouldn fit in there!!!!!!!!

  3. MO Says:

    Imagine those legs around ur hips……mmmmmm!!!

  4. jennifer Says:

    i wish i was doing that:) lol

  5. esmee Says:

    i can’t get it that why US are keen on girls legs…

  6. zann Says:

    really disappointing.try to create better thing

  7. zayne Says:

    iv allredy bean betwen all of them bitch

  8. haylee Says:


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