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Tuborg Ads

A series of funny ads by Tuborg – excellent prints with different types of parties

Bachelor Party

Beach Party

Gay Party

Hip-Hop Party

Naked Party

Retro Party

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8 Responses to “Tuborg Ads”

  1. damein Says:

    i want the naked party

  2. Ernie5000 Says:

    Me too

  3. ova kil Says:

    me three

  4. lisa Says:

    me four.. wanna have one?

  5. gone crazy Says:

    me 5th lol

  6. rep i Says:

    me 6th., 😛

  7. Logan Says:

    me 7

  8. Benni in cape town (paarl) Says:

    lol ME 8TH!!!! YOUR ALL INVITED! CALL 076 388 9527 (31 September 2008)

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