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What’s wrong with this picture ?

Do you notice anything weird here ?

What's wrong with this picture

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9 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture ?”

  1. phil Says:

    The closese woman has her shrt on backards – everyone knows the security tag goes in the front!!!

  2. Steven Spielburg Says:

    Very magnetic personality

  3. jAVAR Says:

    Bluza dupa aia e furata 😛

  4. Kerls Says:

    Ouuuu somebody didn’t pay for thier shirt, or the cashier wanted to screw her up!

  5. spazyj Says:

    lol fat bich

  6. amigo-bruno Says:

    umm yeh funny

  7. Logan Says:


  8. rugbymike Says:

    Dude isn’t that in Bruxelles.
    I think i’ve been there.

  9. Jonas Says:

    No this is in Sweden, during the election. She is at MAX (Swedish Mc Donnalds) And the small houses on the pic is where the partys are have trying to get people to vote for them. I think this is in Stockholms old town.

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