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Your Dirty Mind

your dirty mind


Some people may say that the lamp is a lie…


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28 Responses to “Your Dirty Mind”

  1. friendlyneighborhoodspiderman Says:

    i honestly have to concentrate to think this isnt a lamp…
    horrible attempt at a dual picture thing….

  2. coken Says:

    i dont get it

  3. alexis Says:


  4. danika Says:

    How funny!! Just goes to show where our minds are most of the time.

  5. emily Says:

    that is hilarious!! :p
    shows what we think of the majority of the time.

  6. Joel Klebanoff Says:

    Please, for my own self-esteem, I need to know that most people, until told otherwise, think it is what I thought it was. Not a lamp.

  7. Mish Says:

    Of course I knew it was a lamp!!! Not!

  8. Lacey Says:

    That isn’t really fair, considering the leading majority of people stare at the colour first in any picture, ignoring the white. Thus you think its erh…yeah. Y’all got the picture.

  9. Tony Says:

    What lamp?!

  10. jetwho Says:

    What a dirty mind lamp?!
    I showed it to my wife and she said: Its a lamp, what is so big deal about it you have to show me.
    Women know better of their ……. parts

  11. jennifer Says:

    hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i get it. nooooooooooooot that funny. lol

  12. molly Says:

    the one with the lamp looks like a butt crack duh. its so funny i’ve seen it before. but the second i don’t get.

  13. David Says:

    its not a lamp. the pic is exactly wayt u see first.

    i got the original pic and that piece is jus a cut

  14. adumbrated Says:

    Wow………… A funnel going into a butt……..into which one pours what?????, how odd

  15. esmee Says:

    i’v nothing to say….it’s indeed a lamp….

  16. funnyperson Says:

    hehehe my friend showed me this and it took a sec to realiz the joke

  17. Natalie Says:

    haha its a damn lamp

  18. Satyr Says:

    are u sure? :]

  19. larry Says:

    the Stupid Ons do Not see the lamp !

  20. jason's hotchick101 Says:

    lolz that was funny all my friends have a dirty mind

  21. Alicia Says:

    HAHA lol that is so Funny!!!

  22. william Says:

    thats no lamp, if you look up “lamp optical illusion” on google images, you’ll get the truth

  23. Alin Says:

    THE LAMP IS A LIE is a lie:

  24. Aiedail Says:

    I have that lamp -.- And it’s obviously a lamp, look there’s a part where it suddenly gets thinner on a straight line.

  25. chel Says:


  26. foo-bar Says:

    Its, too gud… it took me a long time to think it out of the lamp

  27. jam Says:

    it is a lamp.. horrible editing..

  28. M.Q. Pippin Says:

    I’d still tap dat.

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