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… they change perspective.


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8 Responses to “Glasses”

  1. Alet Says:

    Jajaja quite fun, I love it, now I know it’s real.

  2. joe joe Says:

    Ok then? y do we need to know this?

  3. Duece Duecer Says:

    im a butcher and i wear glasses….what the hell dude. im not some pansy ass artist!

  4. Churchgirl Says:


  5. Reaper Says:

    haha fun but quite true!!

    with my glasses people respects me and think i’m a professor, but without them kinda scare them an think am a “hell angel” 🙂

  6. purple Says:


  7. china Says:

    Diaoyu Islands are China’s

  8. terje Says:

    And the names change,

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