1. Hey Cramy, 783 is not impressive at all!! lol…. have to be linear to you though coz you are ah ma…

  2. yes! naka 4290 ako ang galing ko… pero mas mautak pa din si mokong hehehehehe…. kakatuwa talaga.

  3. I FREAKIN GOT 92,468, beat that niggers, took me seriously twenty minutes.. lol i am such a beast suck on that everyone Fu*k you all

    Mod Cracker
  4. aha. i didnt know wat i was doing and when he got my mouse i started freaking out. 🙂 hehe. im going to beat this sukah! (>^.^)>

    oh yea!! o=(>_<)=o

  5. hey people, anyone should txt me at 405-889-6010, if yall wanna kno wat i luk like go to facebook or myspace and type in zakk barlow, im in a white shirt in my myspace pic and a black tank top in my facebook pic

    zakk balrow

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