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Fun Korean Activities for a Rainy Day
Korean activities are all about fun in simple, kind and overly cute ways. If the weather outside it’s not the best or you want to...
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Funny Christmas Gifts For The Absolute Scrooge
We all know a Ebenezer, death to the holiday cheer! That best friend on the naughty list who doesn't feel any joy in decorating the...
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McDonald’s Meal Hack
Ikea, stay back! McDonald's is giving all the instructions now and no special tools required. Maybe just a giant, sturdy straw... Just a few days...
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Funny news bloopers
Check out the best funny news bloopers below: httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omyUxKuvYKY
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Ten Bingo Jokes (plus one) That Will Make Your Day
Officers were called to break up a quite interesting brawl Thursday evening after two seniors got into a physical struggle during a “presumed innocent” Bingo game. How many of the Bingo news start differently than this? Few, I tell you. But that’s not all Bingo has to offer. A good …
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Russian man beats a bank at its own game
A Russian man who decided to write his own small print in a credit card contract has had his changes upheld in court. He’s now suing the country’s leading online bank for more than 24 million rubles ($727,000) in compensation. Disappointed by the terms of the unsolicited offer for a …
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Teacher Wears Same Outfit to Picture Day for 40 Years
After a good long career in education, Dale Irby has retired. And so have his groovy shirt and sweater vest. In every school picture for the past 40 years, Dale wore the same 1970s-era polyester shirt and coffee-colored sweater. And let me just say he aged a whole lot better …
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Two-headed turtle at San Antonio Zoo
A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo and officials have named her Thelma and Louise. The female Texas cooter arrived June 18 and will go on display Thursday at the zoo’s Friedrich Aquarium.
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Saudi prince sues Forbes for underestimating his wealth
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns London’s Savoy hotel, claims US publication undervalued his wealth by $9.6bn Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen who owns assets including London’s Savoy hotel, has launched a libel action against the business magazine Forbes over claims it underestimated …
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“Bang With Friends” Banned from App Store
Bang With Friends used to be an application that debuted in January 2013 and quickly took off in popularity. The concept was simple: Users loged...
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Chinese husband sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000
Northern Chinese resident Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 and won! The story goes that Mr. Feng was deeply in love with...
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Welcome to Russia!
A few reasons for which Russia is such a fun place!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iFXPAFThHw&list=RD0iFXPAFThHw&index=1
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Got Fleas? Cutest Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Here's a funny marketing campaign for Frontline from Saatchi & Saatchi, a flea and tick spray, in a shopping mall. This guerrilla ad made a...
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Japanese Chef Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals
This story is not for the faint of heart. News video below. Mao Sugiyama, a self-described “asexual” from Tokyo, cooked up, seasoned and served his own genitalia to five diners at a swanky banquet in Japan last month, Calorie Lab reported. In most cases, “asexual” is a word used to …
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The Real Mitt Romney
Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (Mitt Romney & Barack Obama feat. Eminem): httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxch-yi14BE
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Zombie Bees
Parasite turns honey bees into zombies A fly parasite is being blamed for an epidemic that has struck the honey bee population around the world. The parasite nests in the stomach of the bees and causes them to walk in circles, sometimes pursuing bright lights, before eventually dying. The Parasitic …
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Frosty the Snowman, arrested in Chestertown
CHESTERTOWN, Md. (AP) — Who says "Frosty the Snowman" has to be jolly? A man in a "Frosty the Snowman" costume was arrested on Saturday,...
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Teens Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Drunk
It’s no secret teenagers sometimes experiment with alcohol, even drugs, but new ways they’re finding to get drunk had jaws dropping in the newsroom.
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World’s Most Expensive Golf Course
Dutch Docklands, a player in the world of floating technologies, (or making land where there was no land), has announced plans to build a $500 million floating golf course off the Maldives coast. While there are plenty of golf courses that claim to be “on” the water, this one would …
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Seat Savers – Save your seat with a funny, messy treat!
Seat savers - a must have for all crowded places! Do you remember that pretty seat, just next to the window, in your favorite café...
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Atheists sue Little Rock’s city bus line
Atheists sue over bus ads on God-free lifestyle LITTLE ROCK, Ark (Reuters) – A coalition of atheists is accusing Little Rock’s city bus line of violating their rights to free speech in a fight to place ads on public buses praising a God-free lifestyle. The Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason …
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Chinese teen sells his kidney for an iPad 2
A Chinese teenager was so desperate to acquire the new iPad 2 that he sold one of his kidneys for just £2,000 to pay for it, according to reports. The 17-year-old boy, identified only by his surname, “Zheng”, confessed to his mother that he had sold the kidney after spotting …
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Border Agent Put His Wife on Terrorist List
Immigration officer fired after putting wife on list of terrorists to stop her flying home An immigration officer tried to rid himself of his wife by adding her name to a list of terrorist suspects. He used his access to security databases to include his wife on a watch list …
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Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days
A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just six days. Six days. That’s how long it took to build this level 9 Earthquake-resistant, sound-proofed, thermal-insulated 15-story hotel in Changsha, complete with everything, from the cabling to three-pane windows. The foundations were …
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Giant Jesus in Poland
A statue of Jesus Christ that its builders say will be the largest in the world is fast rising from a Polish cabbage field and local officials hope it will become a beacon for tourists. The builders expect to attach the arms, head and crown to the robed torso in …
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High Dive
Click the link below to play High Dive:
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Unbelievable! Metal Wire Growing From Skin
Noorsyaidah, an Indonesian woman, claims metal wire has grown from her body for 18 years This is currently big news in Indonesia. Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman’s body! Skeptics initially thought that is must be “self-inflicted”. Doctors however, have other theories but have given up …
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The Movie Test
This math test will determine your favorite movie. Amazing! This is pretty damn amazing. Mine turned out to be “Shrek“. That’s my favorite movie! I was surprised how this worked. Be honest and don’t look at the movie list till you have done the math! Try this test and find …
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