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Japanese Chef Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals

This story is not for the faint of heart. News video below.

Mao Sugiyama, a self-described “asexual” from Tokyo, cooked up, seasoned and served his own genitalia to five diners at a swanky banquet in Japan last month, Calorie Lab reported.

In most cases, “asexual” is a word used to describe a person who is non-sexual. Sugiyama, however, embraces it as a way to show that he does not affiliate with either gender.

Mao Sugiyama FinnerSugiyama sparked a firestorm of interest on April 8 with one tweet: “[Please retweet] I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen …Will prepare and cook as the buyer requests, at his chosen location.”

That tweet generated so much buzz that Sugiyama decided to host a public tasting, which he called ‘Ham Cybele- Century Banquet,’ at Tokyo’s Asagaya Loft event space. Six people signed up for the $250/plate experience; five of them showed up for the big date. Sugiyama, dressed in chef’s attire, seasoned and braised his own genitals on a portable gas burner and served them up in various creative dishes.

Shigenobu Matsuzawa, a 29-year-old event planner, was one of the “lucky” diners. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so I decided on the spur of the moment to do it,” he tweeted.

Diners had to sign waivers releasing Sugiyama from anything that might have gone wrong from eating human genitals. A local police spokesman told CalorieLab that despite many citizen complaints, there was nothing they could do, since cannibalism isn’t illegal in Japan.

Just days after Sugiyama’s 22nd birthday, the artist underwent elective genital-removal surgery, divvied up the severed penis shaft, testicles, and scrotal skin between five people, and garnished it with button mushrooms and Italian parsley.

On April 13, five of six diners who signed up for the $250-a-plate feast, sat down to dinner. The sixth person was a no-show.

The next day, an organizer posted a blog — subsequently deleted — containing pictures of the event. Images showed dozens of people who attended the event just to catch a glimpse of the rare treat.

The extra diners were served crocodile-based dishes while Sugiyama cooked up the exclusive meal.

The story went viral in Japan. Some showed even more interest, while others complained. But Calorie Lab called Japanese authorities, who deemed the banquet legal because there is no law against cannibalism in the country.

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14 Responses to “Japanese Chef Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals”

  1. John Raxter Says:

    who the hell would pay to do shit like this? LMFAO :)) just sick O…..

  2. R Says:



  3. Boriqua-chan Says:

    No law against cannibalism, but I’m pretty sure there’s a law against murder.

  4. chris capitano Says:

    wow.. I can’t imagine ANYONE who would really buy and EAT someone elses private parts.Lmfao

  5. bosh sam Says:

    broz ur prize is too expensive………dey shul b cheaper bcoz with overpopulation and poverty everywhere……na waaoh 4 u sef

  6. No worries Says:

    Bosh sam, what the hell is wrong with your letters, they look like you smacked your face of the keyboard trying to make words.

    As for this article thats disgusting and can’t believe somthing so God damnned rediculous

  7. Brit in Brazil Says:

    “No worries”

    You were very quick to criticise “bosh sam” regarding his SMACKED FACE TYPING………….(What the hell is wrong with your letters? They look like you smacked your face on the keyboard trying to make words.

    As for this article, It’s disgusting and I can’t believe something so go damned ridiculous.)


    So, before you rant at someone else, learn to write correctly yourself!

    p.s. Yes, I am the grammar police!

  8. Danvinson Says:

    I think he ripped himself off! He should have asked for more than $250 a plate!!

  9. Johnny Says:

    I think he needs a good shrink!

  10. Romper stomper Says:

    He genitals are probably small so I’d only give him 50

  11. Givengrace Says:

    Ummmm…why didn’t he eat his own stuff?

  12. Ben Nguyen Says:

    Who eats genitals of other humans?

  13. Florida Queen Says:

    It Couldn’t Have Been Used In Too Many Dishes If He Was Asian , I Hear They Have Small Penises .

  14. cumofsomeyounguy Says:

    was it good?

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