1. how do i do this ??? i hav only got as far as opening the cupboard but dont no what to do next !?!?!

  2. By far the BEST escape the room game i have ever played and ive played a fair dozen of them! I didnt use any walkthroughs or anything on this, it kept me captivated and the ending was hilarious, you couldnt have made it any better, lush well done!!! x

  3. Wow, you really finished it without walkthroughs ? I got stuck once or twice and had to use them. Dean, perhaps you should take a peak at a walkthrough – not too much though πŸ™‚

  4. man i need some help i up to the bit with the breif case saying there is somthing behind the door. Now what? im stuck and hints?

  5. hey dude thx 4 the walk through it was driving me crazy, cant wait to see the next 1 lol cya l8er

  6. ya know……atleast 3 people in the United States have killed themselves because of this game……….

  7. it doent say S*** about the game or how to beat it………………………..List on a comment the walk through right here NOT THE LINK

  8. wat else is there to find i found all the marble, mace wrench nut, key (out of “radio”) but cant find anything else

  9. yesssssssssssss i beat the gameee finally after weeks and weeks of trying Eat the k Grother

  10. This game eats shit it impossible how the fuck can yu get out anyone who can must be a rite addict to the game yu twats

    dogy bollocks
  11. umm so yea, i’ve got the needle nose pliers, the wrench, all the marbels, the key to the safe, the key the cabniet thingy, the spiked ball thing,the screwdriver,the piece of paper w/ numbers on it,the nut, and another nut. i’ve done everything i can find, and i’m stuck on the breifcase only one side works with the numbers where do i find the other sides numbers thats all i need.

  12. nvm i figured it out and beat the game, this game has had me stumped for about 4 or 5 days now

  13. Walkthrough!!!!
    1.Grab the pliers
    2.Click on the bottom of the bookshelf and click behind the green book, you can now take the nut
    3.Click on the T.V. and use the pliers on the antenna
    4.Click to the left of the bookshelf and you can see a wrench, use the antenna on it to drag it to you
    5.Go to the top of the bookshelf and click inbetween the books to see a marble to use, click on the window to the top left and grab that marble, go right to the part of the room with the cupoard, click ontop of the cupoard and grab a marble, go back out and click on the top right corner of the carpet to get another marble, go out and click on the bottom left corner to find the last one
    6.Go to the radio thing and click into the middle of it to put the marbles in the holes on the left, put the nut on the only one that doesnt have a nut in it and screw it in with the wrinch, go back out to where you see the box inside of it and click on the valve, a golden key will come out.
    7.Click on the timer and click right above the numbers to find the knife.
    8.Go to the bookshelf and click on the middle section and stab the box with the knife, and grab the screwdriver.
    9.Click inbetween the couchs and click on the outlet, use the screwdriver on it, use the pliers to get the key out.
    10,Click on the left couch and click on the top of the third cushon to your left grab the note out of it, go to the part with the door and click on the drawing, and click on the note to the left of the picture.
    11.Go to the safe and use the silver key on it, put 372 on the left side and click the dark grey area of the lock, on the right side put 546 and unlock it, now you can open the suitcase it says there is something behind the door, stab the suitcase to the left of where it says that, there will be another key.
    12.Click under the T.V. table to grab the flail.
    13.Open the cupoard with the golden key and click on the top shelve, there is a box in it, Use the key you got from the suitcase on it, you will get a blue key.
    14.Use the blue key on the blue door and quickly grab the flail and hit the zombie.
    The End
    You just used a walkthrough to beat a game you stupid noob!


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