1. I’m sorry to disagree, but there is nothing funny in this photograph. In my opinion it depicts the selfishness of human beings who do not value the lives of animals. This is dark version of humor.

  2. That’s your opinion. What I think is that instead of crying for a dead cat, which was already dead (nothing to do about it), someone with a sense of humor was clever enough to think of something funny – which for certain brought the smile on a few faces.

    Life goes on, we have to make the best of everything. Instead of finding reasons to be upset, let’s find reasons to smile.

  3. God, what’s wrong with you, (not) Funny Guy? Omar is absolutely right. There are plenty of things that could have been done in this situation. Among them, making humor out of the death of an innocent animal is not one. You sicken me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Jerk.

  4. Alright I was just kidding, thats fucking hilarious. Like the cat prolly got smoked by that car and died a painful death I mean look at it. I couldnt stop laughing. I wonder what its name was? maybe nibbles or mr. whiskers? Lol.

    Omar Upegui R.
  5. This isn`t funny. The thing that someone could laugh at this picture is sick… What if you were dead on a road ? What if I would`ve put a sign saying “Free human”, how would YOU feel ? ha ?

  6. SheelonGirl is right
    I work with animals every day at the spca I hate to see people make humor out of an animals pain. this photo is sick and wrong.

  7. THIS SHOULD BE REMOVED SHAME ON YOU FOR STILL POSTING IT. The bozo who posted this should have the same fate.

    pixie dust
  8. Oh ffs, why shouldn’t you be able to make humour out of this? Yes, it’s a dead cat. I love cats and had 8 at one point but this is funny. Nothing wrong with making humour out of death.

    Grow Up
  9. Well than how about we post a pic of u laying dead on the road & put free bozo next 2 it!!

    pixie dust
  10. u live u die life goes on…grow up it’s done i hope people do funny stuff for me when i die…its great cuz i’m laughing at all of ur a$$ still stuck here while im partying with 2pac 😉

    LMAO Dumb Bush

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