1. dude those guys need to stop being lazy and git off there A@@. let the women do nothing and make the men work

  2. These women are not stupid… they are staying in shape to kick those men around.

  3. It’s not funny. These men are lazy and they should be trying to act like real men instead of making the women do all the dirty work.

  4. this just provs that women can bet better then men not most of us are jerks like that maybe its the womens beer lol

    gone crazy
  5. i love the 1 where the geeza iz in the tent with his bike !!!! haha

    tht wud b me

    geordy boy
  6. all the rest are sweet but the one with the guy sleeping with his bike. I woiuld rather sleep with a girl in a tent.

    Heavens Bandito
  7. Hahahaha, enjoyed this lol. Why should the guy always have to do the work lol. Plus maybe she didnt help set up the tent…


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