1. Seriously?? its a color-blindness test. I can’t see anything in 3, 4, 5, or 6. Why? Because I’m partially color-blind.

  2. Obviously this test is just for fun, but out of curiosity I ran a few experiments on it. Number 1 and 4 seem to be controls, because they can even be read in greyscale. Also number 5 is fake, there’s no number in it even if you invert the colors of the picture.

  3. There is 86 written in number 5 ,i guess u do hav latent homosexuality!lolz

    A Bob who is not Bob
  4. I see a pair of glorious breasts with the number 69 on #5. WTF is the matter with the rest of you? lol. No latent homosexuality here but maybe a little homophobia!

  5. This joke/test was obviously written by an illiterate moron. “Low than average”? And homosexuality, whether latent or not, is not a mental disorder.

  6. this is bullshit… lol….. nothing but a lame joke to get at people with insecurities… if you any of you think this is real you do need help…. lol..

  7. lol in numa 5 i c two chicks gettin it on in bed. does that mean im still a homo? ๐Ÿ˜€

    bob's mom
  8. Ball no.5 has the entire 3rd act of Romeo and Juliet written on it. I did not see any numbers but the naked woman turned me on. Whew! haaaaaaaaaaa

  9. I realize it was just a joke… But I also know I just hopped out of the closet recently … so I found it a little “extra” funny.

  10. i’m not homosexuality but i cant see number in image five

    “Possible latent homosexuality” this test is true

  11. it’s just a propaganda for homosexuality! when I have a latend homosexuality I cann bear homosexuals better:)

  12. omg lol. i do have latent homosexuality feminism. but im not a gay. i dont wanna be a gay. such a funny yet annoying test. fuck

  13. Ha Ha Ha Haaa……. Great Joke… The brain behind this quiz wants all be HOMOs coz he / she is the same….. Any way good JOKE…..

  14. First time I saw this on Tumblr and couldn’t see the number in the 5th circle, I shit my pants and ended up watching lesbian porn for a week straight just to make sure.

    Bob's Second Cousin Twice Removed And Now Lives In Albania
  15. I’m NOT lesbian, but i can’t see number 5.
    But, hell, THAT IS NOT A NUMBER.
    Then, homosexuality is not a mental disease.

  16. Homosexuality is not a fucking mental dis order you cunts

    {I’m not lesbo, but fuck guys c’mon}

    Bella; who thinks the first Bob is cool
  17. It’s just a color blindness test. It’s funny. 5 has shapes but no number. That means anybody passing the color test must be a latent homosexual. Those who see a number in that box must be particularly imaginative, forming coherentness out the incoherent, or they are just fibbing, so as not to be defined as stated. It’s just a joke. Accept it as that. Only the color blind have a reason to be truly offended. This won’t be funny to them. It’s just mean!


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