1. funny one….we really enjoyed this.when ever we will come to online we will visit
    this website for more fun



  2. Total wrong. That is shallow. I can not believe people actually enjoy that. VERY sad.

  3. ha that must have took you hours to transform them because you have done thier hair, thier eyebrows, they have been airbrushed… without a doubt,so it’s not just make-up is it, there probly not even the same people!!

  4. well i am a female but i used to be a male (the sex change was a success! i love my new body!) i feel that both gals look amazing…and if i were still a guy i would do them

    Fanna Wuck-her
  5. okay.. so yea they’ve been airbrushed.. and there hair has been done.. but what these people are trying to get at it that makeup does wonders.. you know its almost an incentive to buy products.. and regarding the guy making a comment towards the “chick” if you had any respect towards women or even a brain you would know that women like to be called women not “chicks” ..very disrespectful.

  6. AHAHAHA Awesome! A+ It’s called false advertisement. The horse ass is hotter than the REAL girls… and the George Bush part was funny too.

  7. i think this is really rude. bush is an excellent president. you all will see once that lady they call hillary clinton becomes president!

  8. well, the second picture is obviously photoshopped.
    The girl’s JAW LINE is different. Make-up can’t fix that. Computers can

  9. I think its more than hilarious, that the dumbass people against Bush on here cant even spell for shit lmfao!!! Point proven!!!!

  10. You refer to Obama as towel head and big eared? And you are much better than the people against Bush, how exactly? Your ignorance and bigotry is showing…

  11. Kara, you really SUCK. This was meant for pure fun and you bring your stupid ass in here with your IGNORANT comments. “the dumbass people against Bush on here cant even spell for shit lmfao!!!” <—You define dumbass with this statement. Get over yourself…

  12. Shouldnt it have been the other way around? they transformed ugly bush into the sexy horse’s ass?????

  13. the horses ass !!!!! is as ugly as george bush freaken ugly face……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


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