“A 17-year-old dishwasher at a Buffalo, N.Y., suburban restaurant saved a woman from choking — the same woman who saved him with CPR years earlier.
More than six years ago, Kevin Stephan was serving as a batboy for his brother’s baseball team and accidentally got hit in the chest by a baseball bat and collapsed.
Penny Brown, an intensive-care nurse at Buffalo General Hospital, had been sitting in the stands and came running.
She said the boy was having a seizure and in cardiac arrest so she smacked him once on the chest, hard.
“It didn’t really work, so I started CPR,” she told the Buffalo (N.Y.) News.
During last month’s exam week, Stephan, a senior at Lancaster High School, was working an extra shift at the restaurant when Brown choked on her food.
The manager called Stephen, a Bowmansville volunteer firefighter, to assist. “I got behind her and started to do the Heimlich, and after two thrusts, the food came out into her hand,” he said.
Stephan’s mother, who happened to be in the restaurant, recognized Brown as the nurse who saved her son’s life on the baseball diamond.”

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