What happens at certain temperatures:

+18 C People from Hawaii put on the second blanket
+10 C People from Helsinki turn off their heating system
+2 C Italian cars don’t start
0 C Distilled water freezes
-1 C Expiration becomes visible. Russians eat icecream and drink cold beer
-4 C Your dog jumps in the bed with you
-10 C French cars don’t start
-12 C Politicians begin to talk about homeless persons
-15 C American cars don’t start
-20 C You can hear the breathing
-24 C Japanese cars don’t start
-28 C Your dogs jumps in your pijama
-29 C German cars don’t start
-30 C All normal cars don’t start
-36 C Russian cars don’t start
-39 C Russians button up their shirts
-50 C The car jumps in your bed
-60 C People from Helsinki freeze. Russians button up their coats.
-72 C Lawyers put their hands into their own pockets
-120 C Alcohool freezes. Russians get mad
-273 C Absolute zero. All the particles stop moving. The Russian licks frozen vodka.

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