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Driving under the influence…

… of Gilmore Girls?

gilmore girlsAUGUSTA, Maine — Maine state police say a Kentucky motorist had an excuse when she was stopped because she watching a TV show while driving on I-95.

Spokesman Steve McCausland says the motorist told a trooper that she was tired and was watching the “Gilmore Girls” on her laptop computer to stay awake.

Trooper Tim Marks was stationed at the Gardiner toll plaza making sure drivers were were wearing seat belts when he saw the motorist pass through with her laptop open over the Fourth of July weekend.

The motorist, who was not identified, did not receive a citation for her actions. Maine law prohibits motorists from watching television while driving, but the statute is vague when it comes to other electronic components like a computer.

Source: Seacoast Online

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5 Responses to “Driving under the influence…”

  1. dennis muchanga Says:


  2. lollapalooza Says:

    Genius! 😀

  3. james bond Says:

    Smart girl!

  4. Oogie Says:

    A prime candidate for the Darwin Award; at least then she will not reproduce.

  5. Charlie Says:

    That’s an example of the system breaking down. Arter all, a computer is a little different from a beer.

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