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Great Guerrilla Advertising

Guerrilla Advertising is an unconventional way of performing promotional activities. Usually very funny or subtle, it’s a great way to promote a business with a low budget and generate buzz. But you’ll need lots of creativity.

Here are some great guerrilla ads examples. They are simply brilliant.

Vacuum cleaner ad:


Beer guerrilla in a bus:


Inventive mobile carrier ad:

mobile phones

FedEx, pointing out their speed of delivery:


McDonalds Panel:


Mini – Test your handling skills:


And in the same place (bathroom), a mini-football game:


Mr. Clean – Brilliant ad:


Casino ad in the airport:


Seafood restaurant guerrilla on the beach:


SuperGlue showing how powerful it is:


Watch brand ad in the bus (Try it here):


Durex with ribs:

durex guerilla ad

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65 Responses to “Great Guerrilla Advertising”

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  2. John Says:

    Ha ha, these are great!

  3. Grissom Says:

    These are FANTASTIC!

    Now I must go back and read to see if these are just concepts or real photos. I found this site with ‘Stumble Upon’ in Firefox.

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  5. Richard Trautmann Says:

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  6. Cristina Says:

    Simply brilliant :) I hope I’ll be able to do such interesting advertisings one day…

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  8. Al Lautenslager Says:

    As the co-author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, I find these to be brilliant and very guerrilla like using time, energy and a whole lot of imagination. There is no limit to imagination. Please send me any good examples of guerrilla marketing and I will use them in my speeches around the country that I do for associations, corporations, conventions, meetings, etc. Thanks, Al.

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  10. Dave Says:

    Its definitely much more intrusive into peoples lives than conventional advertising, but it also leaves a lasting impression.

  11. duluoz Says:


  12. yoli Says:

    thats awesome!!! i wish there were more site this :)

  13. Michelle Says:

    haha I love these! Great blog. I think the Fedex ad is great!

  14. grace Says:

    funny stuff…

  15. zafer Says:

    very smart, very creative.. like it a lot..

  16. Clickandseetv Says:


    There are some really imaginative and creative works here. I like it alot…this is good advertising and not like the stuff you see around. If all adverts were creative like that, people wouldn’t mind them!

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  18. ven Says:

    gaaad that’s funny! and incredibly creative to boot!

  19. mj Says:


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  22. Konrad Fischer Says:

    A great museum of tricky ads – thanks a lot for sampling!


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  27. ارابيا فور سيرف Says:

    nice ads

  28. geordy boy Says:

    the condom ad is amazing !!!

  29. Helen Copy911 Says:

    The ads for vacuum cleaner and FedEx services are hilarious! Hope this can inspire today’s marketers and usual boring ad banners will disappear.

  30. meg779 Says:

    those are great,people are really creative

  31. mahdi_guys Says:

    plse send to me hot pictures

  32. josef Says:

    Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Benni Says:

    Awsum!!!!!!! please e-mail me more adds.

  34. Benni in cape town (paarl) Says:

    and oh.. if anyone is looking for a new advertising student call 076 388 3527 or 082 870 5205 or e-mail… im in South Africa, get me there

  35. s.m.umair Says:

    man you’ve done a great job.
    a bunch of creative ad.

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  37. Carlos Says:

    I dont think the SuperGlue add will work, has a negative “reading” there.

  38. Andre Says:

    Some great ideas. Can you e-mail me some more pics. Food related if possible.

  39. Borellus Says:

    Lol, some awsome pictures there!

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  41. BOOBALAN Says:

    one of the great strategy to attract more people…


  42. Lavin M Says:

    This is brilliant stuff.
    guerrilla to the core!!
    thanks for compiling it

  43. Angela Gutierrez Says:

    hi! i need your help. I need a creative idea on how to advertise my broadband product using guerilla advertising. My boadband product is the fastest in the industry. I need suggestions please. thanks.

  44. Phillip Argiile Says:

    Brilliant I love these new adverts, a sign saying ‘buy me now’ isnt enough! In my home city I saw some adverts on the floor advertising the space for rent for £69 Lol the irony of an advertising company advertising its self wasnt lost on me, made me laugh so hard when I saw it for the first time. Still makes me smile when I see it on my way to work.

  45. Ben Says:

    Some of these ideas are great, but they seem very expensive. Are there any simple, cheap ways of advertising?

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  48. John Richards Says:

    Great ads! I don’t know how well I would feel about having to explain to my daughters about the giant condom on the ground…they may get a little bit weird.

  49. EEENNNVVV Says:

    hahah these are SUCH amazing ideas, the baggage wheel and the Maccas post are all time.

  50. vanessa wakeman Says:

    How good is the baggage one. these are so good.

  51. emishesachi Says:

    These are so cleaver!

  52. EEENNNVVV Says:

    Vanessa check out this video its so appropriate, considering we went to the game.. i HATEEEEE these horns! so much.

  53. vanessa wakeman Says:


  54. emishesachi Says:

    Those vuvuzella things are the WORST! that Vid is so good.

  55. cargirl Says:

    While those are certainly amusing and unusual ad campaigns…they are hardly “low budget”…in any way.

  56. clau Says:


    small question though:
    how come the bathroom ads are at the same place if
    the first one is written in english and the other in portuguese…..


  57. harsh vijay Says:

    this is the amazing idea for advertise new or existing product. in future this low budget idea will help indian companie’s .

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  60. AJ Says:

    i like this picture

  61. don a. Says:

    great,amazing out of the box ideas thar sells……..

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  63. Sam Says:

    Great advertising tactics!

  64. Mark webb Says:

    Inspiring stuffs for marketers! Thumbs up.

  65. Sarah Jackson Says:

    Baltica Ads is Awesome :)

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