A guest at a party for lifeguards celebrating their first drowning-free swimming season in memory drowned Tuesday, the director of the New Orleans Recreation Department said today. Madlyn Richard, the department director, said the body of Jerome Moody was found on the bottom at the deep end of a department pool as the party ended. She said Mr. Moody, who was 31 years old, was not a lifeguard, but four lifeguards were on duty at the party.

Published: August 2, 1985, The New York Times

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  1. wow, thats mental! 4 lifeguards? What were they doing??
    Shame about man but kinda funny! 🙂

  2. LOL! hilarius!! 4 lifeguards on duty, and the ones who wernt on duty, plus any person at the party. i mean, woodnt u try 2 save someone from dieing? i dont think they guy just threw himself in the pool 2 get recued, unless mayb ther was a girl as a lifeguard… i mean, come on, i wood want 2 b recued by a hot guy!!

    poor guy tho, he had to die…

    😛 Camila V.

  3. hhhm what do ya wanna bet there was just a wee bit of alcohol involved.

    Bernadette Kerfuffeldon
  4. @bernadette-i bet ya our neighbor’s lawn. (our neighbor’s a bitch and everyone hates her and she loves her lawn sooo much :P).

  5. It reminds of the Simpsons intro where a guy puts a poster “3 days without an accident”. And then the guy falls off the ladder.


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