“Chile – A couple are suing a five star resort after its swimming pool allegedly turned a woman’s hair green.

Carolina Carreno and Francisco Vargas were on their honeymoon at a top resort in Quinta Region, Chile.

Carolina’s waist-length blonde hair turned green after she went for a swim on the first night, reports La Cuarta.

Francisco said: “Everything was perfect and we did smell something funny in the swimming pool but we could not anticipate what was coming.

“At first, when I saw the hair, I tried to say something funny to calm her down, but she was really angry.

“And now everyone is calling her the incredible hulk!” – Ananova.com

From IOL

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  1. That tells me something about the woman… She’s not a natural blonde. The
    funny smell in the pool was high chlorine. It easily turns blonde hair green… BLEACHED BLONDE HAIR.

  2. I am a natural blond and my hair has turned green in a pool. Do Some checking ewa before you make statements that make you sound stupid.

    Blond hair turns green in pools because of the copper based products used to kill algae.

    It is the copper in the pools that turns blond hair green.


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