The first flash game on the site is a very interesting puzzle. You must escape the room by clicking around.

First tip: you can find the first object on the left window. To move around the screens, click the lower right or left corner. That’s all I’m gonna say for now. Feel free to comment below, but no spoilers if possible 🙂

Click here to play: escape the room

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  1. haha i noticed the knife when i got extremely bored and annoyed and click the life out of every square centimetre in tht room hehe.

  2. i really cnt work this game out, it doin ma head in,,,, i dnt get it :S lol its impossible

  3. this is too simple, can you PLEASE put the escape the room prison game and the escape the room adult room on here. Much love. DAMN THE WEBSENSE NAZI

  4. This game was extremely easy. Make that shit harder. Imeen really i beat the damn thing in like ten minutes.

    gamer geek

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