Korean activities are all about fun in simple, kind and overly cute ways.

If the weather outside it’s not the best or you want to spend a day inside home enjoying some Korean time, I put together multiple Korean things to do that will magically take you just on the other side of the world.

# Watch a Korean Drama

Their movies are very romantic, innocent and unlike many Chinese fairy tales about immortals that end bad, most Korean dramas end positively. The historical dramas send you to the parallel universe of the Joseon dynasty and give insights on how people used to be educated, dressed, build and decorate their homes, all sprinkled with a bit of palace intrigue and adventure.

If you fall in love with the old Korea, when planning your next trip to Seoul, add this to the list: things to do in Bukchon Hanok Village.

Gunny Korean drama mug

Found on Amazon

# Cook Korean!

If there is something I miss most from the Korean culinary scene, it is the spicy kimchi, plus their chicken galbi, surrounded by tons of melted cheese.

And I found this lovely book that is made in such way one can learn about Korean ingredients and food culture, try out around 60 recipes and have a Korean meal made at home. It is a combination of cookbook and comic book, graphics bringing Joseon cooking culture and modern food too, into your kitchen.

funny Korean food Cookbook with recipes

Found on Amazon

# Draw Your Own Manhwa

Manhwa is the Korean drawing style corresponding to Japanese Manga.

It is very different and this book clearly states the differences between the two. However, really nice video tutorials can be found on SmoochiBird’s channel on Youtube: tips on drawing characters for webtoons, writing dialogues between characters and promoting this art.

Manhwa has more personality, a more natural look and it is more expressive, diminishing the focus on the popular big Manga eyes. Below, the first Manhwa ever, at that time, in black and white only. You can get a drawing notebook here.

The first woodcut manhwa, published in 1908, Source: Wikipedia

# Get Yourself A Kakao Friend

And you will have the best plush companion!!

The cute Kakao Friends is the most jolly lifestyle Korean brand featuring a series of funny and colourful characters. They are in all shapes and forms reminding of the Korean Kawaii: pillows, keychains, Tamagotchi toys, stationery, home appliances and decors, everything to make your day better and happier!!

I have Jordy, the Green Dinosaur, at home in the shape of a pillow!! And it makes me smile even when the weather is gloomy.

You can get your Kakao friend here.

# Spend Time Video Gaming

Playing video games is a total frenzy in South Korea. In 2021,, almost 71% of the population played games!

There are gaming Cafes with hundreds of computers where young people meet, drink, eat and play together. I visited one while I was in Busan and the only impediment was the language. Everything was in Korean.

But… here it is. One of the oldest and cutest anime graphics, Korean massively multiplayer online games in English: Mabinogi. Plus other cool games listed here.

Mabinogi beginner tutorial

# Make Squid Game Lollipops

Downtown Seoul, on the streets surrounding Myeongdong Cathedral, vendors with tiny stalls prepare on the spot the most famous sugar candy of our times. Following Squid Game, the Netflix series, a traditional Korean lollipop, dalgona, has regained a place in contemporary world, making its fast way to the international scene.

I must admit I never managed to separate the parts correctly. And I lost countless pieces on the streets of Seoul But it’s so fun!

For the sugar Korean candy recipe, follow this link. For the dalgona making kits with all the tools you need to prepare go here, and a specific set of Squid Game cookie cutters can be found here.

dalgona candy from Squid Game

Squid Game Scene

# Host a Korean Folk-Games Party

There are many, many Korean party games. Gathering your family and friends for the day to play a series of folk board games from a total different culture can be like a breath of fresh air. You can choose one or multiple from the following:

  • Flower Card Game, one of the most popular card games in South Korea and includes premium cards, mats and instructions,
  • Yut Nori, a strategy, classic stick toss game,
  • Gonggi, a Korean folk game using stones. No instructions included, but this video can help a lot.

Korean Flower Card Game / Go stop / Godori on Amazon

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