Google had some surprises for us this year on april fools day :)First, if you search for “area 51” in Google Earth and go a little to the West, you’ll find that there ARE aliens there. Here’s the proof :

Google Earth Aliens april fools
Google Earth Aliens april fools

To see it for yourself, if you have Google Earth installed, download and run this file: area51.kmz

Another april fool from Google in 2006 is Google Romance – the launch of a new service and a funny error page.

Past funny Google fools were: MentalPlex (2000), Google PigeonRank? (2002) and Google Lunar Job

Another couple of funny Google Earth stuff:

Flying Car: flying_car.kmz file, for those that have Google Earth installed
flying car google earth

The flying spaghetti monster, on Google Maps ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. ha the ship is there and i saw large round landing pads hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what could they be for oh and strange “cars” in area 51 so they are real even read Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations it says no human can go in contact with extra terrestrials!

  2. Haha you so funny! me not speak english that good but me can tell when someone have… how you say? No life? they spend all day on google earth looking at the world they could be living in? yes. i think that how you say it. arrivederci!

  3. I know this is late, but the fly car business.

    It’s only a black car parked next to a white on.

  4. Interesting how you say that people with hobbies have no life. You assume that we spend all day sitting on our butts doing nothing. If you honestly believe this, then you must have no activity of your own to pass the time with. So, yeah. I pity you. =)

  5. I agree with warb. You guys are losers. Stop wasting your lives and yeah, take some drugs and party. Although, wait, I don’t want losers like you out and about cause I might meet you. Stay inside. Haha and don’t try defend it as a hobby. It’s not

  6. looks as if it is an add for a car lot or similar and the car is actually up on a post or something to that effect. notice the angle directed at the oncoming traffic but who knows

    Garrett Garrett

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