His name is Vitas and he’s a singer, composer, actor and fashion designer from Russia. His impressive high pitch voice and brilliant songs have amazed the world.

His voice, face expressions and overall presence is captivating……Then there’s the actual melody and instrumentation, seductive and beautiful. This song is called ?nepa Norm (Opera 2).

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  1. Actually I wouldn’t classify it as screeching because he maintains his pitch and tone quite well. This is probably the only person i’ve ever heard keep a steady pitch this high.


  2. Wow, that was just awesome.
    He’s really sexy, until he starts sounding better than any female opera singer I’ve ever heard of.

    But I have to say, You hit the nail on the head when you said ‘captivating’.
    I’m going to watch it again. I wish I knew what exactly he was singing (lyrics-wise).

  3. sorry to dissapoint u guys .. im a musician and am russian and so is “Vitas” and since in russia the whole “fraud” of Vitas has been brought to light a while ago , ill share it with you ..
    he cant sing if his life depended on it and the hi piched voice is achieved thanks to computer technology …and that is the truth

  4. lyrics are pretty dumb too .. heres a bit:

    My house is finally built
    and im alone in it
    a door banged behind my back
    the autumn wind is knockin on the window
    it cries above me again

    thunder at night
    fog in the morning
    the sun has gone cold
    pains of the past come one after the other
    let them all gather up

    “and then the computer starts whistelling :))

  5. to midiscore
    Ohhh… I’m from Canada, but I’m Russian. Today I searched yandex.ru and read a lot about Vitas. I think that Vitas is not so bad. Heh… this is a normal practice of Russian media (any media?) to make talanted people dirty.

  6. It’s quite obvious this man has a quite refined falsetto.

    A pleasure to listen to if you have any knowledge of how difficult it is to cultivate a falsetto that actually sounds decent.

  7. Watched the video, read the comments and thought you might like some feedback. The man, Vito, has perfected his instrument and I was quite taken with his talent. The “blue lady” mentioned is Sarah Brightman, a magnificent Opera singer and, yes, his pitch is reminiscent of her performance in “The Fifth Element.”

    It was nice to see that some of the folks commenting could get past their ethnic and cultural biases to appreciate this Russian performer.


  8. Sarah Brightman’s voice is superb in the Fifth Element, but has nobody realised that the incredibly high and rapid arpeggios at the end of her song are computer generated?

  9. There is no truth to the lie that Vitas voice is computer generated or enhanced. Jealousy is the only thing you’ll find behind these rumors.

  10. Honestly, you can’t say that it’s computerized. It’s not. My voice has been computerized before on a disc and it actually sounded ‘fixed.’ His sounds completely real.
    Stop being jealous.
    He’s famous because he’s talented.
    His songs are weird, but his vocals are amazing.
    He has a wonderful technique.
    Quit being jealous.

  11. Oh well,
    I am not a musician so i don’t know anything which you guys talking above.
    I just know that he did a great job. I love the song.

  12. Please don’t take on trust various dirty stories about Vitas. The voice you hear in this video is his real voice. I was at live concerts of Vitas and assure you that he sings himself. Even when he sings without a mic, his voice sounds purely and fascinatingly. He is a very brilliant artist (poet, composer, singer) and, moreover, a talented clothing designer.

    Anna (Russia)
  13. Anna is correct! If you check out Youtube you will find videos of live concerts recorded by fans. Some of them are also at vitasusa.com thanks to our nice Russian friends who send them. It is obvious if you watch these that this is his real voice and it is amazing.

  14. anna and diane are telling the truth ive have been at his concerts and you can tell that it is indeed his true voice.for example when he gets into the song he puts his hands in the air while he is still singing and if your in the front row (like i was) you can here him singing without the mic and it sounds exactly the same. im sorry that some of you people have to be so jealous. he is an amazing young man and no one should be hating him because they are mad that they aren’t as talented as him.(and handsome…well…when he has hair lol).that is the plain truth, and all i have to say is its not his fault that God gave him an amaazing voice and that he is hard working.Thank you.

  15. The ‘blue lady’ (Plavalaguna) in Fifth Element is not Sarah Brightman!! Inva Mula-Tchako voiced the piece, Part One (titled Lucia di Lammermoor) and Part Two (titled The Diva Dance) while the role of Plavalaguna was played by the French actress Maïwenn Le Besco. Her voice was not digitally altered, though a synthesizer was used to create a monotonal sliding effect in the latter part of The Diva Dance, which are clearly not humanly possibly.

    Regards, Vi

  16. It is such a pity that some Russians (like midiscore) are trying to pour dirt on Vitas instead of being proud of their truly gifted compatriot who has become world-famous. You should be ashamed, midiscore! Many foreigners have started to learn Russian to better understand Vitas’ songs. They say that Vitas is a national treasure of Russia. He has made the whole world respect our country. Too bad some Russians can’t appreciate it.

  17. Vitas has an absolutely beautiful voice, the pitches that he reaches are phenominal.
    I am a huge fan of power metal, I can only imagine how awesome his vocals would be to metal riffs 😀

  18. What the crap, that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. At first I thought he had a great voice, very stylish, very handsome and then all of a sudden he starts sounding like a woman. Weird.

  19. Vitas should tour in the United States. I think he is wonderful. We need this new fresh sound and handsome face. You guys should always be open to change!

    Florida girl
  20. Ooh- Do not stop with that one video if you are not impressed yet! You will be missing out if you do! Vitas is amazing! Go to youtube or http://www.vitasusa.com and watch some more videos!

    Vitas is planning to tour the USA! They are shooting for 2008, but nothing is definite yet. However, he is releasing an American version of “The Best” on February 2, 2008. It has also been announced that Gemini Sun Records will release an Audio-Visual Vitas series in the USA next spring. ALSO-Vitas is planning to produce an album in English! Personally, I think I will prefer his own songs in Russian, but I have heard him do some English, and he brings the same amazing voice and uniqueness to his English renditions. So expect a spectacular production from him!! Watch the official site at http://www.vitas.com.ru. We also post all major news at http://www.vitasusa.com, but only after released at the official site.

  21. vitas has changed my life with his singing, his smile and his eyes.He makes me feel so beutifull,so alive.He is an angel sent from heaven ,to bring us closer to God ,with his voice

  22. Vitas is wonderful, in a world of so much violence and chaos, his voice and music is the one thing I have in my life that I find calming. He has a rare talent that should be appreciated by all. He is far from anything but a beautiful person who is willing to share his talent with the world. It is too bad that more people can’t be as open and sweet. The world would be a better place if there were others like him.

  23. That’s really amazing,i know plenty of women who can’t sing that high without sounding like screeching birds. He definitely gets my appreciation for not breaking any glass either…although i bet he could….

  24. Agggggg!!!! i wouldn’t call that singing, that noise pollution.

    Benni in cape town (paarl)
  25. If you cannot hear the digital enhancement, you’re deaf. I was a professional musican for 20 years and it is plainly evident.

    If you’re unaware of how voices can be digitally enhanced during live performances or you’re unaware of lip-synching, you’re plainly ignorant.

  26. Not only is he talented, but he has a heart of gold and doesn’t deserve these attacks.

  27. I don’t believe his voice was fixed, enhanced or computerised in any way.
    I agree with the captivating theme. i had to watch the video over and over.
    As for jacktards comment of being ‘Queer’, i think Jacktard is just a homophobic bigot. Needs a good kicking.

  28. oh Vitas is wonderful !!! it makes me sad that some people need to hurt him but i’m happy he is protected and goes on singing for our pleasure. He will now perform in USA and Canada, enjoy Vitas friends, enjoy 🙂


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