Some kindergarten kids were asked:

To which direction is the bus heading?

Funny bus - kindergarten test

Do you know the answer ?

There are only 2 possible answers : left and right.

Think. You still don’t know the answer?









OK. I will tell you. The kindergarten kids have answered “left”.

When asked why, they said:

– Because you can’t see the doors.

Feeling kinda stupid right now, huh ? I know, me too.

dumb funny picture

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  1. I was going to say down because the body was suspended in the air. How did the wheels stay up anyway?

  2. That answer is wrong. We don’t know if the bus is turning left if we can’t see the door… what if it turns right and then left? Or turns right 3 times?

  3. I play minecraft whoever is epicly awesome as me then I am better then you at soccer.


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