Kudawara – What kind of pharmacy is this?

Arlington Pediatric Center – Loving the kids a little too much

doughboys – pizza – salad – panini … and something extra?

Atherton Car Centre

Dental clinic

Another dental clinic – This seems to be popular

Any idea what this is supposed to be?

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

Megaflicks – Not the best font for this word

Kids Exchange – As this name didn’t sound weird enough, they decided to write it together

A-Style – Realy classy

Computer Doctors

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

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  1. Rebecca: The ‘U’ that they tried to make into a computer mouse looks an awful lot like something doesn’t it?

  2. Does anyone know if these are actually legit? Something like MegaFLICKs seems beyond belief, that no-one picked this up!

    Derek Williams
  3. Boss,
    Lean back and instead imagine the two people as the sides of a someone’s body… see it now? Took me a second too.

  4. are u shore these are suitabele for kids lol just kiddin but honestly how do peoples come up with that i mean come one u need more

    ya mum
  5. This is way to funny. The last one took me a few mins, but i got the point though. It says boys only but one of them looks like a girl instead of a boy. I don’t get whats wrong with the dough boy?

  6. Molly, the last one is one of those pictures that can look like two things. Look at the two people as if they are a person’s body. Still doesn’t click? Their heads are the nipples.

  7. The Chinese Characters apparently say “multi-functional toilet”. I guess this is supposed to be the sign for “Baby-Changing Facilities”.

  8. OMFG!!!! SOOOO FUNNY!!!!
    It took me a while to realise what was funny about the last one, but it was still soooo funny!!!!! LOL!!!

  9. What does Lamaso stand for ? and Lmfao ?
    Sorry, I’m new at this stuff. But I got all the jokes !

    slow poke
  10. Guess theye are not wrong, just smart chices from smart people, who like some daily fun in their job !

  11. these logos jst make my day….guess thats the point behind em being like that

    toga joashuaa
  12. lol they pics were soooooooo Funny lol ROFL I just cant stop LAUGHING hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaaahahahhahahahaahah 00204BB

  13. The Kids Exchange is in Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA. We died laughing the first time we saw it.

    Maggie Hill

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