1. MJ is still the most popular singer and talented in the world. Even American Idol used his songs last night!!!
    So what if he’s had plastic surgery. It’s what’s on the inside that makes someone beautiful.

  2. No one wants to be black! but this is funny however most of the blacks in the picture do not act ‘black’ they know how to act in society and they do not speek Ebonic.

  3. this is funny but its true too i hate the bastard now but everyone loves Will Smith

    lauran mckee
  4. MJ ,most popular in the world. Even if it would be green. Also it is not necessary to compare an idol pair of generations with Obama.

  5. To Kelly: What statistical research did you conduct or read up on that firmly states that no one wants to be Black? How ignorant of you to make such a generalized comment.

  6. everybody loved his singing now they all hate him because he is counted as a racismed person lol i hate him

  7. MJ is trully a symbol of devotion in western pop culture whether he i slookiing funny or not it doesnt matter…What he was ..taht is alraedy known by his acts….

  8. Ebonic! Hahaha! I live in Africa and you ‘first world’ educated people have no idea! It’s not about black and white anymore. The above is a joke and it is hilarious!

  9. I’m sorry but do you even know why he got plastic surgery?
    1) He hated his dad and he did not want to ever look like him.
    2) He broke his nose two times which needed medication.
    3) He got Vitiligo which is a pigment in your blood that gets infected.
    4) He MATURED.

  10. He did not want to be white!
    He got vitiligo which is a pigment in your skin and when it gets infected it causes blotches in your skin, and Michael got mostly all over his body, so when it first started he could even if out with makeup, but over the years it got worse and worse that the only way to even it out was to get surgery so he wouldn’t have random blotches. He was a proud african american and it’s a shame that he went through so much pain.

  11. Not funny.
    Not cool.
    It’s a real shit,

    have respect!

    You don’t know anything about him, how the hell can you say such things? It’s lame.
    Let him in peace.

  12. Vitiligo? More like when you dip your stick in something white enough times, you tend to get it all over yourself. He should have stayed outta white boys!

    Ken Shepherd
  13. That shit ain’t cute nor funny.And kelly you got to be white to say that shit.What it gots to do with black people..Some white people talk about blacks like they are something bad.But guess what white people do shit too but they don’t go to jail or nothing like that.Yeah I’m standing up for blacks.I’m PRican but I still help people out.Ya’ll just hating on us cause we got it good…And yes I know my grammer fa ya’ll who gone talk shit…And all ya’ll who think its cute…Ya’ll some low life people..If you don’t give respect you don’t get known thats the way life rolls…..And what if people talk ”ebonic” and if you don’t know its called slang.But remember this blacks can be way smarter than some white people…No disrespect to white people but some of you think harsh….But for you who like talking shit and bs’in everyone this for you.. ”Just ge a life and stop judging others,start thinking of what you should do to improve yourself”……..

    ~Amor Iterno~~Eternal Love~


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