1. got 38 niggas wat up wit that and it is immposible to get 18 rob so u a bitch ass liar nigga

  2. I GOT 36 on my game of playing…….it took me like thirty times playing it before though!! But the rest of ya’ll are liars!!!! SO EAT THAT!!!!!!

  3. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT 56 YYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Benni in cape town (paarl)
  4. First of all it is impossible to get a hole in one on 2 of the holes so a 20 is the best score so Tom your a retard and i got a 24 =(

  5. My score is 0.
    The Game knew who’s playing the game.
    Who wants a roundhouse kick!!!

    Chuck Norris

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