A Norfolk man aims to get his own back on his neighbours – by renting out his home to travellers or East Europeans.

Nick Massingham is furious that villagers blocked his bid to run a garage business at his ?180,000 bungalow.

So he has put the home, in Hunworth, up for rent at just ?100 a month, reports the Mirror.

The advert says it would suit “travelling families, large extended families, multiple occupancy, DHSS and East Europeans. All pets welcome.”

Nick, 46, said: “It’s to show the village what bad neighbours really are.

“People who move in from London just wander about in green wellingtons and think more about the appearance of the village than what a Norfolk person can do for work.”

Resident Jill McGonigle said: “It’s not personal. If anyone tried to start a garage we’d appeal. We’re just trying to keep the village the way it is.”

North Norfolk council vetoed Nick’s plans after locals objected.

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