Welcome to the Buzescu village, located not far from Bucharest, Romania.

Gypsies have built here a true tasteless mini-Beverly Hills. As you’re driving down the main street you don’t know on which side to look first. Words are useless, let’s let the pictures talk.


Pictures via stari.ro

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  1. Yes I agree they are dirty people and lazy. I see gypo’s stealing and running away. They seam to be like a type of animal and not human. However they can live amoung humans.
    Thats why it is important to know about the gypo’s.

    The best way to screw a gypo is to do the same too them, steal from them and broom handle there arseholes with pepper and salt.

    screw the rumo gypos. burn the filthy smelly greasy stealing lazy trash.

    euro girl
  2. It is amazing, all the stupid comments, stereotyping Gypsies, are all Polish dumb?, all Irish Drunkards?, all Blacks Illiterate? all Germans Nazis?, all Muslims terrorists?, all Mexicans migrant workers? all French like Sarkozy? All English Royalty? all Romanians Gypsies? Etc, the answer is NO, People should be judged as Individuals, I am an American Born and raised Ludar Gypsy, I have been in Jail for riding in a car while Racing, and selling Flowers door to Door without a Permit, each time released without paying a Fine after being checked out, I am 75 Years old, how many of You that are making these stupid comments that can make the statement that I made without Lying? I will answer, very few. grow up You who make these Racists remarks are Ethnocentric, You should be Cultural relevalistic

    rudy george
  3. To Rudy george,

    We are not saying all people are bad, just your race. I am not suprised your were in jail, was it just once or were you a frequent guest.

    How many egg, tomatos, and clothes have you stolen in you 75 years on this earth? Thanks to your age you may not be here much longer, then you can steal and rob the devil as much as you like you filthy grub.

    I hope this post puts you in your place you old gypo! Please do not put a spell on me.

    Your Pal,

    The Gas Man
    (Natzi war criminal and gas chamber operator)

    gas man
  4. Yes Yes the Gypsies are filthy theifs, rapists, vandals and used car saleman.

    I seen a funny police car chase where the cops were chasing a gypo horse drawn caravan, I pissed myself, and the Gypos were getting away.
    Three cop cars were after them. It was normal to see the gypsies being chased were cool and naturally in the element that they are used too.

    When anything ever goes wrong in my life it is most likely connented to gypo’s.

    Hey Gypo George you sux you old gypo. You should be in hand cuffs.

  5. Yes Gypsies are trouble.

    once a group of gypsies walked past my house and all my tomato’s from my garden were gone! As well my eggs were gone and my chickens had been raped.

    Also I noticed that the numbers from my house were missing as well, perhaps because the numbers were shiny?

    I would much rather be gang raped by a group of filthy arabs rather than sake a gypsies hand.

    I have recently purchased a anti gypsie device being a pump action shotgun an a desert eagle 45. I have my house patroled by anti gysie security guards and I have installed a expensive security system.

    To date my tomato’s have not been stolen or my chickens fingered or raped.

    I provide this to help others.

  6. you buncha dumb white face rednecks!you have a lot of nerv tlkn bout the gypsys like your doing! dont worry about us rapeing you because gypsys dont want white trash and we dont rape people.. that would be your rednecks and blacks turn on the news and tell me how many gypsys are on there none! Im a romanian ludod gypsy & I live in atl. ga… I pay taxes so u single white trash teen mothers can feed ur kids & get medical and the same goes for u blacks!! I drive new cars and live in a nice size house too but its because we work by the sweat of our brows for our money from sun up to sundown! no we dont work from 9-5 under someone else like a pee on..were all self employed we want money more that bi-wkly and we dont depend on anyone to make it for us! and were not bad people like u read about in story books! we dont whare long skirts and shake a tamberine like esmarelda either! the ony reason why gypsys might steal in the uk is because of poverty and because they have always been pushed away… but u come out to atl.ga and we will show you the truth… how many gypsys are in thr prodjects selling crack NONE! how many gypsys are in jail for rape & murder NONE! again we know what race that is ! how many gypsys blow up buildings and kill americans NONE! thats ur camel jocks! so now u tell me who is bad people…and im not sure what rock u crawled out of but gypsys are not the only people who drive beemers.. maybe if you hillbillies stoped drinking so much busch beer u to could have nice stuff!gypsys are good people our daughters aint out gettn prego at 15 we dont belive in premarital sex we do have morals ..ur just dumb saying we steal veggies and clothes gypsys would never ever ware used clothing! far as stinking u must be talkn bout dot heads dont mistake middle east stinkers as gypsys!were very clean people very strict about our homes and body u guys are dumasses! also all people are not alike… is our president a former crack dealer or rapest and is our vice president a former ice head or incesting child molester I DONT THINK SO.. and is the guy that runs the dairy queen a suicide bomber I DONT THINK SO..and lay off the mexicans too if the white man wasnt so lazy and trying to get disabilty the mexican man wouldnt be taking his jobs! so to all you haters dont hate on us until you walk in our shoes now get a life will ya u racist demons!

    sugar jones
  7. I have to say I am shocked to see how much anti-Roma racism still exists all over the world. After reading this I can understand why so many people of color (and especially Roma) believe that all White people are ignorant, brutal racists who support genocide. What a sad state our world is in that we cannot see we are all one. As one person said already, we all bleed red. There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in all cultures, but this should not be used as an excuse to spread hatred or to malign any specific race, culture, religion or nationality. If you expect to have peace in your life, you must learn to love and accept people of all kinds. If we are ever to end war on this earth, we will have to learn to love those who are different from us.

  8. reply to gas man, and mr islama, I have been in jail twice, once for selling door to door without a permit and once as an occupant in a car racing,I was released with no fine, after police ran a check on me and saw I was not a criminal, how many of you can make a statement like that and be honest, very few, as I said I am 75 years old, You both are Illiterate and uneducated, Gas man spelled surprise wrong, and islama spelled connected wrong, I am a Christian, and will spend eternity with God when I meet Him I pray you both will also, but turn from Your nazi,ayatollah,racist,ignorant stupid ways and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, in the mean time go back to School, if You both ever attended School,which I doubt,this is My reply to 6/14/11 comments of Two Nuts, c 4 Yourselves, My original comment was on 6/13/11 and Gas Man and Mr Islam commented on My message on 6/14/11, You can see by their Names they are ???????????? You fill in where the Question marks are, I am a Born again Christian, and should not be rude, so fill in where the Question marks are, May God Bless and open the Eyes of the Blind and ignorant

    Rudy George, ludar Gypsy
  9. reply to gas man, and mr islama, I have been in jail twice, once for selling door to door without a permit and once as an occupant in a car racing,I was released with no fine, after police ran a check on me and saw I was not a criminal, how many of you can make a statement like that and be honest, very few, as I said I am 75 years old, You both are Illiterate and uneducated, Gas man spelled surprise wrong, and islama spelled connected wrong, I am a Christian, and will spend eternity with God when I meet Him I pray you both will also, but turn from Your nazi,ayatollah,racist,ignorant stupid ways and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, in the mean time go back to School, if You both ever attended School,which I doubt,this is My reply to 6/14/11 comments of Two Nuts, c 4 Yourselves, My original comment was on 6/13/11 and Gas Man and Mr Islam commented on My message on 6/14/11, You can see by their Names they are ???????????? You fill in where the Question marks are, I am a Born again Christian, and should not be rude, so fill in where the Question marks are, May God Bless and open the Eyes of the Blind and ignorant

    Rudy George, ludar Gypsy
  10. Gyspys in Romania are scum, they beg steal and cause trouble in many places they lay foot. Hard working!, yeah when they congregate together to differant cities around europe to steal from toourists, then yeah they are hard working…

  11. Please do not blame the romo gypo’s.

    I have almost finished a 6 year study into the actions of gypsies.
    It appears the reason why they steal and rape is a due to the DNA due to a defect. A missing chroma zone has been always suspected to be the cause of the problem similar to those with retardation and other spastic degenerative conditions from birth.

    We are hoping that this breakthrough research will aid in the awareness that gypsies have a primitive degenerative condition and that all gypsies be labeled as handicapped thus the reason why they steel and cause social problems.

    We are hoping to develop vaccine or cure using substances like cyanide and arsenic that stops the gypsies from stealing. The only side effect is that the gypsies that take the medication tend to stop breathing. We will keep working on the research.

    Dr Abla Imerman
    Head of Degenerative Human Research

    Dr Abla Imerman
  12. So, I lived in Romania 45 years ! Anyone who did not live near gypsies from Romania MUST KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT !! This is all I have to say ! From Madonna to … who knows where I can invite you to TRY a night in BUCHAREST NEAR GYPSIES WHERE NOT EVEN ARMED FORCES HAVE A WORD TO SAY !!! Welcome to GYPSILAND WITHOUT LAWS AND WITH POOR HONEST ROMANIAN CITIZENS TRYING TO FIND AN ESCAPE ABROAD LIKE ME !!! JOIN THEM !! I CAN PAY A PART OF YOUR BIL !!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi,

    My neighbor flanders is a stinking gypo.

    He steals my son barts underwear from the cloths line and sniffs the crotch.
    Filthy gypos.

    To all the filthy gypos on the blog go screw your sister.
    Thieving bastards.

    Homer Simpson
  14. I just want to say that all romos are gypo’s.

    They steal, smell, chase, fight, steal and cast spells.
    beware the gypo.

    Homer Simpson
  15. Yes the houses displayed are real. The building material has been stolen from across Europe. Every time you ordered a pile of wood and did not receive it it ended up here in gypo town slowly building our village.

    Yes we steal and rob but so do you by cheating on your taxes and having sex behind your wife back. See the gypos are good and just resourceful.

    We also help to lighten your heavy wallet by asking you to look at the sun while we empty your money.

    See we are helpers…. hahahahahahaahaha

    Even the police in Romania are thieves…. hahahaaha

    Mr Gypo romo
  16. To all the Romanian and Gypsies out there…

    You are one and the same…

    I noticed that one of the houses in this blog has been stolen from me.

    It was our guest house for indians and smelly arab urchins.

    you gupos stole our house. how did you do it.????

    Further you cast spells and made our cows produce sour milk and our chickens retarded offspring. Dirty gypos..

    Hobbit gypos.

    Gupta ramshit
  17. This city was NOT built by gypsies. It was built by ROMANIANS, which are NOT gypsies, who prefer to live in slums and rob people. Hell they even set fire to our family’a home.

  18. Hey Nick,

    green tomato red tomato. you are all the same.

    romo’s gypo’s you all sux

    Gupta ramshit
  19. Up urs Gupta! Ure so full of sh.IT that ure eyes are brown! Mr “know it all”, my as is full of tears after reading ure posts…

  20. Jonny Gypo, yes it is true I know a lot about smelly gypsies.

    If you are crying from my words that is normal as the truth hurts and your pain is that you are too a gypo.

    Learn to accept your shame. Move on and look up to your superiors like indians like me or to a less extent pakistanie or even mexicans or southern afticans.
    love from Gupta.

    Gupta ramshit
  21. Is it true I can buy permits to shoot free range Gypsy’s?

    What is the bag limmit? do you have to eat them or can you feed them to the birds?

    Does anyone know if after eating gypsy’s do they give you gas?

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    ( the Gyponator )

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  22. @Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Yes you can buy permits for shooting romo’s and gypo’s.

    And yes they do give you gas when you eat them. Best boil then to get rid of the stink first.

    Gupta ramshit
  23. Thanks Gupta

    I don’t think I want to eat them for risk of gastric upset as gomos and gypos are a dirty bunch.

    I just want to hunt them for sport and hang them on my wall for show.

    Thank you very much and I have just applied for a permit for 20 adult and 5 young so I am happy and looking forward to the romo and gypo hunt.


    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    (The Gyponator)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  24. Hey Arnald Schwarzenegger….

    Before you shoot the romanian or gypsy as they are the same blood, can you make them cry and catch the tiers. They have powers that can fend off aids when screwing hookers.

    Please let me know how much for 1 litre wholesale price.

    Its funny how dirty people can void a dirty sex ilness. Also Chinesse use romainian body parts to unblock toilets and kill pubic warts. very handy.

    Happy hunting Arnie…


  25. I’m just going to ignore the racial war of the previous comments and remark on the actual pictures: What’s tasteless about houses like that?

  26. @V the houses look tastless because they are made up of stolen and robbed parts from houses across europe you stupid idiot.

    Hey Arnald I still need to buy some romo or gypo tiers. I need to visit brothals next week.

  27. Borat,

    To get the romo or gypo tiers I must catch one alive and make them cry. It is hard to catch these fat little theives.

    The tiers will be expensive, maybe $1000 US for 5ml. Keep an (eye) out on ebay.

    Arnald Schwarzenegger

    Arnald Schwarzenegger
  28. At least romanian male gypsyies don`t make sex with mans and childrens you…….!!! Where the GAY movement come from?!! From Romania or from U.S? You sluts!!! And the H.I.V virus??? Romania or U.S?? And the big bosses of all the mafia? And the all rare diseases??? Romania or U.S? And …..I can give you 100.000 reasons …..

  29. Hi Johny smelly romo.

    See you are stupid. How many tens of millions of extra people live in the us compaired to smelly romo land. It really shows how stupid you and the rest of your theifing countrymen are.

    How many times has romoland hosted the olympic games = 0

    How many good items does romoland export = 0

    How many smart people live in romoland = 0

    Is it a go idea to visit or want to live in romoland = no

    What is romolands bigest export = gypsies

    What do gypsies do best = steal, fight, cause trouble.

    See many people want to live in the US unlike romoland. Romoland should be a place where any country can dump nuclear waste, pollution and hazardus chemicals. Romania is a garbage dump of the word.



    Gupta Ramshit
  30. Hi Gupta …Shit
    First read this : 1. Insulin by Nicolae Paulescu in 1921.
    2. The Jet engine by Henri Coanda in October 1910.
    3. The FOUNTAIN PEN by Petrache Poenaru in 1821 (25 may 1827, French patent 3208 for “plume portable sans fin, qui s’alimente elle-même avec de l’encre”). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pen
    4. Vitamin H3 also named “gerovital” (an effective anti-aging treatment) by Ana Aslan in 1952. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerovital
    5. The cholera cure (as a vaccine) by Ioan Cantacuzino in 1913.
    6. Ejection seat by Anastase Dragomir 3 nov 1928 the french patent “Nouveau systeme de montage des parachutes dans les appareils de locomotion aerienne” Patent nr. 678566, 2 april 1930. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ejection_seat
    7. The Karpen Pile by Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen in 1908. The Karpen Pile is a battery that has provided continuous energy for over 60 years, making the Karpen Pile either a supremely effective method of storing energy or a Perpetuum mobile. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolae_Vasilescu-Karpen
    8. The cybernetic by Stefan Odobleja in 1929. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%9Etefan_Odobleja
    9. The basilic cannon by Orban. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilic_(cannon)
    10. The antiaircraft cannon by ?tefan Burileanu.
    11. Europe’s FIRST CITY to have electric public lighting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_light.
    And many many more! Some of them are here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Romanian_inventors_and_discoverers

    Firstly, the proper word is “Romani”. Usually when someone uses the word “Gypsy” they mean Romani. Some people call themsleves manouche, sinti, santo, and dom.

    Before there were two groups of gypsys, the Domari and the Romani, some spread around Europe, some around Asia, so that’s why we are around the word. After a while they spread through the world.

    They either came from or came through India. Their DNA can be found scattered about India which indicates that they spent a good amount of time there.

    However, we have isolated a very specific Y chromosome and it is not found in all of India.

    Current hypothesis is that they originated from Asia but this is a huge question mark.They lived in India a amount of time and then they started to create their language. They took some words from Indians ,meaning aspani,iaka, nak, choro,can,iek(1)doi(2)trin(3)shtar(4)pangi(5)chou(6),after 6 its numbers is pronounced the same way as the Greeks. They have a little of Greek too.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_do_the_gypsies_come_from#ixzz1fzGMy6tT
    You definitely have a poor cultural knowledge and I wouldn’t want to waste my time explaining this to you…Bye

  31. Before leaving any more comments on the internet please try to learn some English grammar…
    Here are some piece of advice for you: compaired= compared, hazardus=hazardous, bigest=biggest, word=world
    You sure do need some English classes from a Romanian…=))))))))))))))))

  32. Silly Waldo/dildo
    English is not my best launguage.

    India is 750 years ahead of romoland anyway what does it matter.



    Gupta Ramshit
  33. :)))))))))))))) of course …if you say so….Gupta..shit:))
    And Waly don`t waste your time …with this illiterate.His vocabulary is very limited..

  34. Willy Waly Wanky, whatever your new US adopted name is….

    If Romoland is so good why does everyone from romoland want to flee and steal across europe.

    It is that romoland is a toilet that has not been cleaned along an express way for a very long time.

    All romo and gypo should be rounded up and deported.

    In a nutshell romo and gypo are the same and are useless rubbish. I hope you learn something from my wise words Wanky


    Gupta Ramshit
  35. Gupta ..shit look..this is my new US adopted name ..you love it I know:)))))))))
    I live in US …amigo mio :))) I have nothing to learn from you.You do not have knowledge of general culture…oh please..!I was visiting Romania for 3 months .. and Gypsies have no connection with the Romanian people…I think all Gypsies should be deported to your home …because your home is a toilet…a big one and full of shit:))))))

  36. I forgot to ask who’s internet are you stealing to get online into this forum.

    You are wifi gypo theifs as well!

    Gupta Ramshit
  37. Hey Suckpta Rammed Shitwholy, get this one.
    Are you eating your rice with the same hand that cleans yurass, or the one that rests in yurnostrils for the rest of the day, as all the decent indish scumbugs do? And when yurdone, yur for tea or fuckoffee?

  38. Hey Borat,

    I finally captured one of these filthy bastards. It was easy to catch. All I did was cover a US 10 note with peanut butter and place it in a rat trap. BINGO one romo gypsie in the trap in the morning.

    One problem I can not get the gypsie tiers easy. I have even hit it with a rubber hose and it does not cry. All it does is eat and shit all day. I fear I will have to shoot it tomorrow.

    Arnald Schwarzenegger
    (The gyponator)

    Arnald Schwarzenegger
  39. Hey Romulanian,

    The only thing you got correct is that we enjoy a civil cup of tea yes.

    Fact: the most poor real indian is still very beutiful. All your lot look like retards from Chernobyl

    Gupta Ramshit
  40. Hey Schwarzenegger,

    If you tell the gypo that you will cut off his hand so he can not steal any more that is sure to make any romainian cry like a baby.

    I hope this works.

    Sacha Baron Cohen

  41. Chacha Borat,

    You kill jyps, romanian no cry, Romanians happy, give you lot shit enjoy your family, butter-free.
    BTW, Good name Borat for you. Come to Romania anytime, feel comfort. Borat means “puke” in Romulanian. Gupta is better guy than you, we let him stay for free. He has good movies about Romania, all filmed in Bulgaria.
    No problem, shortly EuPooRope becoming Euromulania without frontiers, we will eat all the pidgeons and chickens everywhere, so China and India will give you good rice to survive.

    Romel Musselini
  42. Sri Gupta,
    A short one for you. Your plagiated the description of ” the most poor real indian” from the Webster definition for gipsy people, (where is wrongly put as “poorest”).
    If they look beautiful to you, then I do not want to think of what your look is like. Luckily, medicine has brought a lot of progress into this area.
    The last handsome indians on planet were the ancestors of nowadays venezuelan beauty contestants, (not to be mistakenly confused with the boldywood freaks) Fact.

  43. Hey Romo trash,

    I hava been a gypsie catcher for many years. gypsie romos are very ugly people and smell.

    That is a fact.

  44. Who was the retard on this site that said romos are wonderful people and romania is a wonderful land.

    This is taken from the US AU UK travel warning about romoland… hahaha enjoy, (Romainia is the shithole of europe):

    Organised attacks by groups, often including children, occur. The most common method is of distraction whilst several people, often the children, attempt to snatch watches and jewellery from pockets or from around the neck and wrist.

    We have also heard reports of a scam involving thieves who present themselves as plain-clothes policemen. They flash a badge and often ask to see passports and wallets. They count the money and give the documents back, but when they return the wallet, some of the money is missing.

    We are aware of thefts of valuables including passports from hotel rooms. Items of value, including passports and credit cards should be deposited in hotel safes. However, you should carry a photocopy of the information pages of your passport as ID.

    There are reports of credit or charge cards being ‘copied’ when used in some bars and restaurants, resulting in illegal charges being raised against the user account.

  45. Borat,

    I could not have said it better myself!!! But would like to add that these people are just scum. For a bunch of trash eaters little over 2 million gypsies and such warnings from all the super countries warning honest visitors to watch out for Romo’s.

    Yes see they are a bunch of criminals.. all of them.


    Gupta Ramshit
  46. Looks like all the romoz gypoz have nothing to defend on this blog any more or they have been busy pick pocketing over the busy tourist season.


    Gupta Ramshit
  47. Looks like all the gypsies are running scared.

    Arnald Schwarzenegger
    (The gyponator)

    Arnald Schwarzenegger

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