2 weeks ago I turned 35.

When I got up in the morning I wasn’t feeling very well, but I was hoping that my wife will sing Happy Birthday to me and probably give me a present. She didn’t even say “hello” though. The kids took breakfast without even noticing me.

I got to work depressed. When I came in, my secretary said “Happy Birthday” and she was very excited that it was my birthday. I felt a little better, at least she remembered.

It was a normal work day and none of my family and friends even called to say Happy Birthday. Before lunch, my secretary said:

– Why don’t we go eat together?

I told her it was the best thing I’ve heard all day and accepted.

We went to a nice intimate restaurant, ate and had fun. On the way to the office, she said:

– It’s such a special day, why don’t we go to my place instead of work, so we can drink a glass of wine. I said OK.

Once we got there, she said that she wants to slip into something more confortable and got in the bedroom.

“This will be an interesting experience” I thought.

She went into the bedroom and in a few moments came out with a huge cake with candles, followed by my wife, children, friends and parents, singing Happy Birthday.

And there I was on the bed, completely naked.

This is why I fired my secretary 2 weeks ago.

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  1. Wow! How stupid would you feel if that happened to you? That’s a good one! Funnt funny funny!!!

  2. lmao. wow i can’t believe you would actually cheat on your wife. but you lying in bed is hairlarious


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