1. Anyone who thinks this is more than what it “really” is needs more respect for the truth of the sign and not their own worldly thoughts

  2. …needs respect for the truth of the sign? and not their own worldy thoughts…

    I’m confused. LOL.

    The sign is freakin funny. That is all there is to it. 😛

  3. I really liked it. But not bad, it would be to add a few important sections.

  4. ok steve, i have a slight problem thinking that there is anyone in this world who has a stick shove any farther up his ass than you, i mean come on, its the fucking internet, get over it, if you dont want to see the damn pic dont look, you arnt being forced to look at it and further more by posting anything you just stay in contact with the unpleasent pic longer, so my advice to you shut up and lighten up and have some fun


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