1. I am sure the 5th place is best as how often do you see drivers not understand the width of their vehicle! And it is usually woman, and that is coming from a woman!

  2. who has taken these pics ? a woman or a man ?!!!!!!! i am sorry fo him ! he had lost 100000…… pics from men !!!!!

  3. I shook my head with each photo. Number One is “talking on cell phone” while riding motor scooter. Am dangerous myself pushing a grocery cart so am really glad I never got driving license.

  4. Umm, CeciliaE, go have another look at number one.
    She’s NOT talking on a cell phone, she’s wearing the helmet with her head in the face, and her face coming out the neck of the helmet.

  5. LOL CeciliaE, you win the moron of the year. It’s a good thing that you don’t drive because you obviously aren’t even intelligent enough to decipher a picture with the PROBLEM CIRCLED. You’d probably be on that top 10. Idiot.

  6. WOW!!!!! Anyone can see the number one slot has her helmet on backwards!!!!!! Mind you, as a British MOD scooterist I must admit I have seen this happen before!!!!! Thankfully not with the wife!

  7. Those were really retarded. I sometimes laugh at those because i did pic 1. Peace Ya. Its my birthday today. Im 19!

    Shut up Bitch
  8. In indonesia there are so many people who wears helmet and jacket backwards

    It’s not a new thing for me

    Udin Bin Jabrix

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