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How long can you avoid the guy trying to get your mouse pointer?

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69 Responses to “Avoider”

  1. Cramy Says:

    Haha….i’ve got 783!! Not bad for a start!!

  2. Ben Says:

    Hey Cramy, 783 is not impressive at all!! lol…. have to be linear to you though coz you are ah ma…

  3. Cramy Says:

    haha….yea yea…u leh get wat score? sure less than me le….cos u r ah boi!!!

  4. dammit Says:


  5. Janelle Says:


  6. Lucifer Says:

    I got 654! Hmmm… and damn it was hard as hell! If only i could reach 666!

  7. coady Says:

    yeah got 566 after playing it 5 times 🙂

  8. BillyBob Says:


  9. BillyBob Says:

    490!! XD

  10. jhelai Says:

    yes! naka 4290 ako ang galing ko… pero mas mautak pa din si mokong hehehehehe…. kakatuwa talaga.

  11. james Says:

    heheh, 596, i’m good ;B

  12. Bob Says:

    I got 2,376 before he hit me with a pole.

  13. Ham man Says:

    OMG! I got 2,593 before he shot me with his huge missile.

  14. Mod Cracker Says:

    I FREAKIN GOT 92,468, beat that niggers, took me seriously twenty minutes.. lol i am such a beast suck on that everyone Fu*k you all

  15. Savin Dima Says:

    i’ve got 2 168 (:

  16. Neil Horne Says:

    I GOT 2945 before he got me by teleporting!!!!

  17. christy Says:

    aha. i didnt know wat i was doing and when he got my mouse i started freaking out. 🙂 hehe. im going to beat this sukah! (>^.^)>

    oh yea!! o=(>_<)=o

  18. zakk balrow Says:

    hey people, anyone should txt me at 405-889-6010, if yall wanna kno wat i luk like go to facebook or myspace and type in zakk barlow, im in a white shirt in my myspace pic and a black tank top in my facebook pic

  19. phantomwolfZero Says:

    2348 With my foot xD

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