1. 3631
    horay.. :mrgreen:

    to save this game, just save the page, then you will fount file avoider.swf, you must install flash player to open this file (or install macromedia flash)

  2. I got 328 ๐Ÿ™
    btw it’s a very interesting game.. it highly stimulates your reflexes

  3. uu maldito juego !!! pense q era facil pero ya me esta sacando de mis casillas ese mono !!

    es injusto el tiene armas y el puntero es indefenso!!!

  4. this game is too easy… first time ever played 599,999 which i think is the highest cause the explosion takes up the entire screen

  5. Sow my first score was 369,
    Am i Good?
    Tho i did my best
    And i think i got a good score
    Now i will try again

  6. go outside the screen and then go back in at the other side
    thats how you escape things likke the green and blue bombs

  7. lol… what a great tool to release stress!! Man… supposed to come back office to finish up some work but this has utilised most of my time lol… great though.. You little brat better watch out! haha


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