1. To young men in their area: RUN, do not walk, from these girls. They are leeches.

    To the parents of the two girls: where you during your daughters’ crime spree? Where were you when they admitted their theft on camera? Where the **** were you when those girls needed guidance on morality and social consciousness issues? Are you the least bit ashamed of their lack of morals, or that they are wandering the streets of your hometown, engaged in criminal activity? Personally, I believe you should be held as accountable as your children. YOU are responsible for their behavior.

  2. Stupidity is the devil. Look in the eye of a chicken and you’ll know. It’s the most horrifying, cannibalistic, and nightmarish creature in this world.?
    -Werner Herzog

    That’s how I feel about these girls, their parents, and the “authority figures” who let them walk. They are bragging about it. Admitting it, and they are free?

    Brennan Phillips
  3. i think theyll grow up to be hookers
    not the hot hookers

    like the bald spots, smelly, no teeth, fat ones

  4. Little Gracie Jones got JACKED. When you need a new cell phone someone has to pay for it.

  5. I wonder if their last thoughts will be “Why is this happening to me?” when the Patron Saint of Girl Guide’s SERIAL KILLER tears them open with a box cutter.

  6. How many of you realized that the video is from ‘College Humor’?

    This is satire people. It’s on the same level as The Onion.

  7. Wow, i would beat the dumb out of those two….they THINK their tough and in the right…they deserve to be hit by a horde of arrogant cows…-_-

  8. I hope they are stupid enough to break another law. And when they do and go to jail, God help them. I’m sure there are some of the women in jail have a girl scout in their family. This just annoys the crap out of me.

  9. omg ppl its just $150 the girl scouts swindled from others!!! their cookies aren’t even tht great and way over priced go buy some oreos or something.lol if the chicks were black they’d be thrown in for life but there white so what u gonna do.

    bobby jones
  10. i’d like to see their faces when they get mugged and lose $1500…then the robber would just say…”it’s just money!”


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