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Power Of Makeup

Behold The Power of Makeup

Scroll down to find out the truth ….

power of makeup woman


power of makeup woman


power of makeup bush

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59 Responses to “Power Of Makeup”

  1. peekaboo Says:

    you guys are all stupid and need to get a life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Robjob Says:

    No kidding, way to insult horse asses everywhere

  3. ruby Says:

    those pictures of tho’s people look fantactic from when they did’nt have make up on && when they did ..when they did have make up on they looked fabulous !!!
    i only wear a bit of fack tan && marcarer
    what with the horse ha ha the horse ass looks better ha ha 🙂 oj
    i love make up all ways have tho he he .. an allways will .. love ruby-loo xxxx

  4. mommy Says:


  5. LMAO Dumb Bush Says:

    sorry bush make ups not THAT good

  6. \dfgbzdfv c Says:

    if u look carefully, the eyes are different on the women, in both pictures so they r probably not even the same people. and yes, they r obviously air brushed.

  7. JOhn Doe Says:

    Bush = Horse ASS !!!!

  8. Otoy Says:

    i agree with \dfgbzdfv c says two of woman picture are air brushed but the last picture i have no doubt that must be same picture

  9. Sliva Says:

    D makeup makes d differnce bt does nt change who dey are. don’t u see dat d one on d rigth is natural while d left side person is fake ooooooooo 2bad,3sad,4uk.

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