NEW YORK – A man who suffered only minor injuries after a horrific car accident is lucky to be alive.

A safety camera on board a bus caught the accident on video.

The camera shows Bryan Pacelli’s Audi TT sports car getting crushed between a semi trailer and a bus after the 18-wheeler suddenly veered across three lanes of traffic and smashed into a jersey barrier.

The crumpled remains of the car left many wondering how the 39-year-old survived at all, let alone with just minor injuries.

Pacelli, who is an Audi dealer, chalked it up to the safe design of the sports coupe.

Police say the out-of-control truck was overloaded by 16,000 pounds and was running on bald tires. They also expressed amazement at how Pacelli survived the accident.

While Pacelli was recovering in a hospital, reporters from the ABC morning program Good Morning America played the safety camera footage for him and his wife. Neither had seen the footage previously.

Pacelli’s wife, Kelly, broke down in tears and both expressed shock at the violence of the crash.

Pacelli is expected to make a full recovery from his relatively minor injuries.

He says he is also planning on buying a bigger car the next time around.

To see the headline, video of the crash and a picture of the wrecked car, click here

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