Officers were called to break up a quite interesting brawl Thursday evening after two seniors got into a physical struggle during a “presumed innocent” Bingo game.

How many of the Bingo news start differently than this? Few, I tell you. But that’s not all Bingo has to offer. A good bingo joke and a few funny pictures should not be overlooked! So here we go. 😉 


Q:  What is black and white and screams: “YES! YES! YES!” ?
A: A happy nun who just won at Bingo!


Q: How many bingo jokes does it take to distract a guy with just one block missing?
A: Well, you can try that one joke where all you have to do is shout “BINGO” in his ear…


Q: How do you play Taliban Bingo?
A: B-52, F-15, B-1…


Q: What is that one thing that blonds are always waiting for in a bingo game?


A the psychology university the teacher that just finished a long lecture about mental health wanted to do a quick oral quiz for the students. The course was about the manic depression so the question of the teacher was: What diagnose would you give to a person that sits quietly and minds his own business calmly and after that all of a sudden it start swearing the next minute all over the place?

The answer coming from a young student that just raised her hand was: “Bingo Player“.

Grandma playing bingofound at Hal Smith Restaurants


A wife arrives at home at 3 am. Her husband manages to notice that she is wearing a big diamond ring on her finger, so he asks her how she managed to get that ring. She replies: I won while playing bingo. Please go and fix me the bath tub since I need to relax now.

The next day the same story repeats only that this time she came home with a big and glamorous fur coat. She says Bingo again and then asks for a bath.

The third night the wife comes home with a brand new convertible sports car and she says: “Can you believe it, I managed to win once again at bingo, can you please run me a bath?” She takes off her clothes, goes to the bathroom and she sees that there is only 1 inch of water in the bathtub and asks her husband why there is so little water.

He then answers: “I didn’t want your bingo card to get wet!”


The wife comes home from another bingo session and said to her husband: “The car doesn’t start, but I know exactly where the problem is. Water in the carburetor!”.

The husband asked her: “How are you able to tell that since you probably don’t even know where the carburetor is.. It could be any other problem. Maybe the battery?!?!”.

She replied: “I’m sure it’s the water from the carburetor”

“Okay, I’ll go have a look, but where can I find the car?”

“In the lake, I was one number away from bingo and went nuts”.


Vampires DO play bingo, in case you didn’t know! Do you know what they use to play Bingo with? STAKE MONEY!

vampire bingo funny pictures

found on Instagram,  © dont_gaslight_me_bruh


Q: What do you answer when your husband says: “You have to choose between me and Bingo!!”
A: “Oh, well, I’m gonna miss you, dear!”


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Bingo is cheaper, Than dinner for two! (not entirely true…)


The ten commandments of Bingo:

1. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors’ lucky seat.
2. Thou shall not take a peek at thy neighbors Bingo card.
3. Thou shall not take the Callers name in vain.
4. Thou shall not call out a false “Bingo”.
5. Thou shall not enjoy misfortune of thy neighbor.
6. Thou shall not threaten to put an end to “Caller”‘s life.
7. Thou shall not break thy husband’s piggy bank for Bingo nights out.
8. Thou shall not brag about thy winnings.
9. Thou shall not whine tearfully about thy loss.
10. Thou shall not crave for thy neighbor’s gaining.

And some fun Bingo cards to print at home:

  • the Christmas Bingo with cheerful holiday spirit: little ones crying, socks thieves, unwanted gifts, peculiar family photos.
Christmas rush gunny bingo sheet
  • a Postmodern Novel Bingo: all about naive characters and little things that (should) matter.
Funny Bingo Sheet about postmodern literature
  • and because we’re talking about novels, I just started reading Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami. So this bingo sheet is perfect!

Oldie, but Goldie found in NY Times archive, by Grant Snider

  • remembering The Last Jedi, Star Wars Bingo Sheet – The new Star Wars movie launch is just around the corner. Looking for the center of the galaxy!!
Star Wars fun Bingo Sheet

Copyright  © moviescirclejerk

  • a Walmart Bingo card: a weird and crazy shopping adventure. Step into the unexpected!
funny Walmart shopping experience
  • A Bingo card to help you go through college life. Winnings unknown!

And a lovely NY Bingo Card made by Sarah Butler for Gothamist . This is so pretty. Enjoy!!


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